Mountains Singing

Mountains Singing


by Sanna Morrison Barlow

Published 1952

From American they came - two women who ventured out to the Philippines in the name of Christ. Their mission was to capture voices - voices which spoke without flaw the myriad languages and dialects of peoples wh had never heard the name of Jesus.

Unusual in its telling and exciting as a record of God's protection and remarkable leading, Mountains Singing is the account of Gospel recordings in the Philippines. Joy Ridderhof and Ann Sherwood probed into numerous islands searching for representatives of tribal tongues to make tape recordings of the gospel message for each tribe to hear.

They had to go where the people were and their search often led them into isolated areas, distant points and through difficult terrain. Contacts had to be made, equipment had to be kept functioning; and it was essential that physical health and spiritual vitality had to be maintained.

Mountains Singing is the drama of months of weaving in and out of islands, exhausting work seemingly without end, and the thrill of a job well done. It is the story of unreached people, dedicated missionaries and national workers. It is an insight into the tremendous challenge of the 20th century and the use of modern means for reaching out to waiting millions the world over.


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