English: Africa language

Language name: English: Africa
ISO Language Name: 英語 [eng]
GRN Language Number: 2620
Language State: Verified
ROD Dialect Code: 02620

Sample of English: Africa

English Group Africa - What Is a Christian.mp3

Audio recordings available in English: Africa

These recordings are designed for evangelism and basic Bible teaching to bring the gospel message to people who are not literate or are from oral cultures, particularly unreached people groups.


(Download  MP3 in English: Africa) Short audio Bible stories and evangelistic messages that explain salvation and give basic Christian teaching. Each program is a customised and culturally relevant selection of scripts, and may include songs and music. .


(Download  MP3 in English: Africa) Educational materials for public benefit, such as information about health issues, farming, business, literacy or other education. .

グッドニュース (in English: Southern Africa)

(Download  MP3 in English: Africa) Audio-visual Bible lessons in 40 sections with pictures. Contains Bible overview from creation to Christ, and teaching on the Christian life. For evangelism and church planting. .

ザ・リビングクライスト (in English: Southern Africa)

(Download  MP3 in English: Africa) A chronological Bible teaching series from creation to Christ's second coming in 120 pictures. Brings understanding of the character and teaching of Jesus. .

The Bride (in English: Southern Africa)

(Download  MP3 in English: Africa) Stage performance: Start here in your search for satisfaction and fulfillment in life. With performing artist Marié du Toit and music by Johan Kelber. This recording was digitised and is distributed by GRN with the permission of MEMA Media..

Grace - A Testimony of FORGIVENESS (in English: Southern Africa)

(Download  MP3 in English: Africa) The most powerful act is Love. The most liberating act is Forgiveness. Although the story of Grace Dube played out in the nineties, the story of Forgiveness is timeless. That’s why we should keep on telling it. Our sincere thanks to thePLAN, MEMA Media, and film director & producer Regardt van den Bergh for their permission to distribute this content free of charge via this platform..

HIV & Aids Discussions (in English: Southern Africa)

(Download  MP3 in English: Africa) Educational materials for public benefit, such as information about health issues, farming, business, literacy or other education. 3 audio only discussions about HIV & Aids..

HIV & Aids - straightforward about the basics (in English: Southern Africa)

(Download  MP3 in English: Africa) A short video featuring Hein Poole (https://www.imdb.com/name/nm3712748/bio) as a doctor, explaining straightforward basics about HIV & AIDs..

My Divine Discovery (in English: Southern Africa)

(Download  MP3 in English: Africa) Testimonies of believers for evangelism of unbelievers and motivation for Christians. .

No More (in English: Southern Africa)

(Download  MP3 in English: Africa) Compilations of Christian music, songs or hymns. Genre: Afro-Pop. A prayer in song about Bipolar Mood Disorder. Copyright: Hein Poole (lyrics) and Joshua Prinsloo (composer). Recording done by Joshua Prinsloo. Music and compilation: Joshua Prinsloo. Hein wrote the lyrics after attending the stage performance, "CRAZY - Golden Oldies with a touch of Bipolar" and doing an interview with performing artist Marié du Toit after the show..

No More Tears (in English: Southern Africa)

(Download  MP3 in English: Africa) This is a story of hope for those living with HIV and Aids and those living with them. The film script is based on a book by Cecile Perold published in 2002. ©Copyright: Christian Audio-Visual Action (CAVA). Producer: MEMA-Media. Distributed by GRN with permission..

Tumi - the Talking Tiger (in English: Southern Africa)

(Download  MP3 in English: Africa) A collection of short 'chats' delivering messages of comfort, empowerment and God's love to children traumatised by poverty, disease, abuse and disaster. Designed for use with Tumi the Talking Tiger soft toy. A series of interactive stories for children in need, to be played on a Megavoice audio player placed in the pouch of the soft toy tiger buddy – with appropriate support and followup..

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Other names for English: Africa

English: West Africa

Where English: Africa is spoken

Gambia, The
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Sierra Leone
South Sudan

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People Groups who speak English: Africa

Abnaki-Penobscot; Aborigine, Detribalized; Aborigine, Southwest; African-Americans; Afro-Antiguan; Afro-Caribbean; Alaskan Athabascan; Americans, U.S.; Amerindian, Detribalized; Anglo; Anglo-Australian; Anglo-Canadian; Anglo-New Zealander; Anglo-South African; Antilles English-Speaking; Arab, general; Arapaho; Atsugewi; Bahamian; Barbadian; Bermudan, mixed; Black African, general; Brazilian, general; British; British, Scottish; Cape Verdean; Catawba; Cayman Islanders; Chehalis; Chinese, general; Chitimacha; Chumash; Clallam; Coeur d'Alene; Coloured; Colville; Coos, Hanis; Cornish; Cowlitz; Cupeno; Delaware; Delaware, Unami; English-Speaking, general; Eskimo, Creole; Eskimo, Western Canadian; Eurasian; Euronesian; European, general; Falkland Islanders; Gilbraltarian; Guam; Gypsy, English, Romanichal; Gypsy, Irish; Han Chinese, Mandarin; Hawaiian; Holikachuk; Honduran, English-Speaking; Houma, Half-Choctaw; Indian, English-Speaking; Iowa; Irish; Irish Traveller, Shelta; Iroquois; Jamaicans; Jew, English Speaking; Kansa; Kato; Kawaiisu; Kitsai; Klamath-Modoc; Kpelle, Liberia; Ladakhi, Christian; Lithuanian; Lower Chinook; Lumbee; Makah; Malaysians, English-Speaking; Mandan; Manx; Miami; Micronesians, English-Speaking; Midway Islanders; Miwok; Mohegan-Montauk-Narragansett; Namibians; Nanticoke; Ngarluma; Nooksack; North African, general; Nunggubuyu; Nyanja; Nyigina; Osage; Otoe; Pacific Islanders, general; Palauan, English-Speaking; Panamint; Part-Indian; Pawnee; Pintupi; Pitcairner, Norfolk; Polynesian; Powhatan; Quileute; Quinault, Lower Chehalis; Saint Helena; Sarnami Hindi; Serrano; Snohomish; South Asian, general; Tonkawa; Tunica; Turk, Meskhetian; Turks and Caicos Creole English; Tuscarora; Twana; Ulster Irish; Virgin Islanders, English-Speaking; Wampanoag; Washo; Watjari; West Indian, general; West Indian Mulatto; Wichita; Wintu; Wiyot; Wyandot; Yazidi; Yuchi; Yuki; Yurok;

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