Kawa Saka 2020 - Philippines: Mindoro Island

Mindoro Islanders teamed with GRN workers for the time intensive and essential job of translating and checking translations.

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Recording indoors in a room lined with mattresses for sound insulation
The portable recording booth allowed recording in the cool of the garden
A previous Kawa Saka team enjoying some time with the locals

Our Filipino team has recently recorded messages in several indigenous languages spoken on Mindoro Island. These tribal groups are wary of outsiders and our team was privileged to have been invited by local missionaries working with them. This partnership has enabled our team to be accepted by the tribes and the recordings to be made. It will also aid greatly in the distribution of the finished recordings and the accompanying picture books.

Our recordists are currently editing their work and will soon be returning to the island to check it for accuracy. They plan on travelling to Mindoro around April 2020 with a team of people from churches in Manila to distribute the finished recordings to the speakers of those languages.

The team will also run programs for different groups (kids, teenagers, men, women) and provide some humanitarian aid (as these people are often poor and their children may not attend school) while bringing good to the people in partnership with local churches and church planters.

We would like to send the Kawa Saka team to Mindoro with enough resources to allow the gospel recordings to be widely used amongst the various tribal groups.

We need mp3 players (solar or hand wind), large A3 flipcharts to be used by churches and Sunday Schools, and the small A7 pocket books to be used by families. Each set for a church will cost about $150 and we would like 50 sets. The pocket books are about 50c each.

Total price: $7,500

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