The Ishmael Project

The Ishmael Project

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Sowing Seeds of Christian Truth in the Arab World

These are momentous days as we see God mobilizing His Church to share the gospel with the peoples of the Middle East and North Africa. Christianity first began in this region, and yet it is now an area in greatest need of the gospel.

Since the seventh century, the peoples of this area have been held hostage by the political and religious power of Islam. The truths of Christianity have been withheld from these people. They live and die without the opportunity to hear how Jesus Christ died as a sacrifice for their sins.

Many difficult barriers such as culture, prejudice, resentment, ignorance, fear, geography, government, literacy and language isolate these people from hearing the good news of Jesus Christ.

The ISHMAEL PROJECT, a ministry of GRN, is working in vital partnership with local believers and churches to take the good news across these barriers.

Our recording teams make audio recordings of Bible stories in the languages spoken in the region. These recordings explain the way of salvation and tell people how they can know God personally and enjoy His fellowship daily.

It is our hope to establish a ministry base in the Mediterranean area from which recording teams and cassette outreach teams can come and go. The goal is to see many Muslims come to know Christ and be effectively discipled.