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GRN's website offers a vast amount of resources for evangelism
GRN's website offers a vast amount of resources for evangelism


GRN materials in Serbian

The Church in the Darling Downs

by Christine Platt, CEO Australia

One of the privileges that comes with being GRN Australia's CEO is meeting people with a real passion for taking the good news to the ends of the earth and also reading about how God is using some of them:

Christian Comfort

We recently received this thank you note from Albert in Germany: "My friend and brother, Mohammed from Iran, has been living as a Christian in Germany for a long time. He is in the hospital with advanced cancer and will die soon. He is looking forward to being with Jesus soon. And I'm happy to send him beautiful Christian songs in his own language. God bless you for this beautiful service."

Evangelism Tool

Here's an effusive thank you note from a place better left unidentified: "Thank you! We have just stumbled across your website and we are absolutely amazed to discover all the languages you have recorded Bible stories in. We have been working in a Creative Access Nation doing Bible translation. We are passing the details of your website on to all our contacts so these wonderful resources can be used in evangelism. Thank you! Thank you so much! I hope you can make all the major mission organizations aware of your work for them to use. We are with Wycliffe and had never heard of you before. Thank you again. This is a huge blessing."

Alex wrote about taking GRN recordings in several languages into a poor area in Asia on a USB stick. He would be visiting a friend serving in a poor area who was training pastors and church planting. He was praying that the recordings would be a real help to his friend in his ministry.

Melissa wrote: "I am in a very hard financial situation right now and can't work. I have family from the Old Country I can barely speak with but on Facebook with a translator I have reconnected with them last year. I have been praying for the opportunity to share with them. By God's magnificent answer to prayer in a search I did today for something in Serbian audio your webpage came up in my Google search. I have listened to some of the teachings (I understand far more of my parents' language than I can speak). Wow. I have passed on the webpage to a few relatives both here and back home. So I am sooooo grateful to your ministry. Thank you."

Good Memories

Robin from a Church in the Darling Downs of Queensland was excited to hear me speak of Sudan's Nuba Mountains. He told me of travelling into the Nuba Mountains as a small boy in the late 1940's with his parents and playing GRN records to the local people. His parents were missionaries and Robin has fond memories of the people they visited and the ministry they did.

I hope these stories encourage you and that they lead you to give thanks and to worship our wonderful God. He is alive and active in this world!



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