Encouraging Reports from Asia

Using the flipcharts to spread the gospel
Using the flipcharts to spread the gospel


The gospel is for all ages

by Christine Platt, CEO Australia

It is always encouraging to hear about people coming to faith in Christ through GRN recordings. We've received the following reports from Asia recently:

A couple came to know the Lord:

A man from a majority background received Gospel messages on a memory card. In the evening he hid himself from his wife to listen to the Gospel messages. He kept on listening to them. After a few months his wife came to him and said that she needed to be baptised. He was shocked. "Who told you about baptism?" the man asked his wife. "I know you've been listening to Gospel messages," she replied. (The man felt a little afraid at this point.) "I have been listening to those Gospel messages in the morning that you listened to in the evenings. I know about this baptism from those Gospel stories and now I need to be baptised." The man was very happy after hearing his wife and they started listening to those Gospel messages together. Now they are both in the Lord. Praise God!

A man who rejected the truth now tells everyone:

A partner team distributed some memory cards in their area adding their contact phone number. Our field partner received a call at midnight from a caller who abused him. Our field partner asked what had happened. Why was the caller saying this to him? The man replied, "Stop this false teaching! You cannot say that Jesus is the son of God." Our partner asked if he had listened to the whole thing. "I do not want to hear this," he replied angrily. Our partner said, "I want you to please listen to this whole thing and then call me. I will wait for your call." After a few weeks the caller rang again and said, "I listened to the whole recording and now I want to know more about Jesus." Now he listens to the Bible, is interested in the word of the Lord and he shares with others what God has done in his life.

An elderly lady meets Jesus:

I was at a mission conference recently when one of the speakers told the story of an elderly lady coming to faith in a place in Asia where there were few Christians and no church. This lady met a missionary who spoke a related dialect but managed to communicate the existence of God and His nature of being kind and caring. She went home and prayed - and indeed God sent to her home people bringing the firewood and food she needed. Many months later the speaker travelled with the missionary, who played a Gospel message in the elderly lady's own dialect and showed pictures. When this lady learned more about God who had helped her, she was overcome with emotion. She is now one of 45 known Christians in her language group. The speaker could not confirm that the recording was from GRN, but it shows the effectiveness of audio Gospel recordings.

Praise God with us for these glimpses of how our Lord is drawing people to himself! Give thanks for those who are reaching out to the lost in very challenging places. Ask our Lord to make GRN resources known to workers out in the harvest field and enable them to see how GRN materials can help them in their ministry.


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