The Buck Stops Here Project

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Video program about domestic violence and abuse

Including an interview with a victim of severe physical abuse giving his testimony about how he survived and came out whole on the other end


Still very relevant articles and events which motivated us to make this program

More information about the problem that motivated us to make this program

SA's shocking gender based violence statistics

Official statistics prove War on Women is real - and pretty words are mere lip service

If you're not a citizen of South Africa, do you know how the statistics in your country look?


A program through which we want to raise awareness about domestic violence and abuse,

A program through which we encourage victims to reach out for help, help to ...

  • Reinvent their destiny
  • Reclaim their dignity
  • Regain their personality

Production and Distribution Plan

Video shoot and editing planned for March 2020.


Opname / Recording 2 full daysR3,500
Redigering van Video 24ure x R360 / Editing & processingR8,640
Vliegkaartjies / flight ticketsR3,800
Verblyf / 1 night in guest house for 1 personR500
Verblyf / 2 nights in guest house for 2 peopleR2,000
Uber transportR5,000
Etes / Meals for 2 daysR1,600
AUD 2,600
USD 1,780

Editing and processing: March-April 2020

Distribution via and our website: May 2020

If you would like to be involved with this project click here to contact GRN Southern Africa.

As this project develops and grows, we will share more detailed information here and in our newsletter.

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