Me Tracy Jannasch

Me Tracy Jannasch

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After completing school in 1988, Tracy qualified as a Social Worker from Stellenbosch University.

She worked in this field at St. Joseph's Home for Chronically Ill Children for 5 years. The focus being to assist these children to adjust and accept disabilities and terminal illnesses. She formed part of the multi-disciplinary teams at the various hospitals in the Western Cape where the intakes came from. During these 5 years, she also worked in London in Child Protective Services and Children with Disability teams respectively.

After returning from abroad, she went back to St. Joseph's Home for a short while. She was then asked to join an international recruitment agency with placements of Social Workers and nurses abroad. During this time, she started her Masters Degree in Play Therapy.

Shortly after, she was introduced to the world of finance. She equipped herself effectively and started her own business as a bookkeeper. Tracy has since been working full time as a bookkeeper, manage part time clients and assist with installation of accounting systems.

On the GRNSA-Board Tracy is the governing financial officer. She also looks after our volunteers in the non-profit department, and gives invaluable input when it comes to our non-profit projects and therapeutic products.

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