Melody Brits

Melody Brits

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Melody is passionate about human behaviour and the process in which people unlock and operate in their full potential. Her experience includes regular counselling as part of the counselling team at her church as well as a wide variety of Employee interventions/counselling across different departments in an organisation. With an academic MCOMM (Psych) from Stellenbosch University she seeks to optimise the potential of individuals and groups in organisations by implementing scientific processes to support both individual and organisational wellness as well as sustainability.

Previously, as an industrial psychology intern in 2010/2011, she also held a position at TFG operating the Helpline and dealing with armed robberies. During July/August 2017 she was employed on a part time basis in the position of Helpline operator.

Her previous position was in the Employee Wellness Department of a big corporate company as a counsellor to the Call Centre and Distribution Centres as well as assisting with the logistics of supporting and coordinating trauma debriefing for employees affected by armed robberies on a national level.

Professional registration:

  1. Council for Counsellors in South Africa in the category of "Counsellor". Reg nr CO 20167
  2. Association of Christian and Religious Practitioners in the CPSC Category 5 - Advanced Religious Professional in Christian Pastoral Counselling. Reg nr 2018P00285
  3. EAPA-SA - designation EAP Practitioner (Employee Assistance Professional Association of South Africa) - Reg nr SA/WC/0042

Melody is a great asset to the ministry of GRNSA, managing the strategic placement of our counselling tools for children and elderly people in need. She also provides counselling to traumatised families in need.

She and her husband Cobus, also share the vision to develop more prayer support for the work of GRNSA, but also to develop more prayer for our coworkers and for families in need. The fundamental Biblical values ​​are extremely important to them and they build everything they do on that.

Your support will help Melody to give more of her time to this invaluable work. To support Melody financially, see the support page.

To have Melody on board full time and sustain the Helpline , will cost R96,000 ($7,723 AUD).

Then she be full time available to man the Helpline, support more trauma workers and strategically engage with more trauma teams, wellness centres and frail care facilities.

Thanks you for considering to support Melody. Her contribution, skills and experience is vital to help ensure the success of our trauma care products.

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