Webster Gwanzura

Webster Gwanzura

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Above & Below: The joy of distributing GRN materials

Webster works full time with our partnering ministry, Christian Audio-Visual Action (CAVA) that handles all our distribution in Harare, Zimbabwe.

It is difficult work with many challenges right now.

  • Webster partners with us to strategically place GRN-story sets with audio Bibles to enhance Bible engagement in this country.
  • He also equips graduates from the Nehemiah Bible Institute to use GRN-teaching materials in their distinctive ministries.
  • He makes potential users of GRN material aware of the products.

Webster is a very highly motivated worker with a passion for the non-reading communities of Zimbabwe.

We need you to help us support efforts in Zimbabwe so that we can pay CAVA for the work he does for GRNSA in Zimbabwe, including handling requests for materials, determining needs for materials, visiting clients, providing advice on the use of different evangelism tools among the different communities within Zimbabwe and in neighbouring countries like Zambia and Mozambique.

The need is R15,000 per year (1,042.82USD or 1,447.34 AUD).

You can help here to let the invaluable work he does continue in Zimbabwe. If you would like to support Webster financially, see the support page.

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