Mr Philip Jannasch

Mr Philip Jannasch

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Philip started his career in Telkom as a Fitter and Turner apprentice.

After qualifying he started to attend night classes doing his first year of industrial electronics and asked for a transfer to the electronics section within Telkom. There he started doing electronic repairs on PABX systems.

After 9 years of practical experience, he decided to complete his National Diploma in industrial electronics and after completion enrolled and completed his Microsoft systems engineers' course.

During this time, he also started selling computers as a side business.

Shortly after he resigned and joined Gestetner selling office automation. He quickly realised he had more to offer clients as an independent consultant and started his first business in the office automation Industry.

He got involved with accounting systems for the legal industry and interfacing equipment to it.

He was then approached through a mutual contact and offered a sales managers position at Media 24. Here he realised that his entrepreneurial spirit were more suited in the small to medium enterprise companies and with 2 other partners started 21 Digital web solutions doing website design and office automation solutions.

They were using Omni Accounts software. He immediately started upskilling himself in accounting and after being a value-added reseller for Omni Accounts, he was offered to run the Western Cape region, leaving the Digital Web Solutions partnership.

After establishing a good structure, he reverted back to a value-added reseller and started doing software integrations and implementations as well as business analysis for companies. He then merged with a company called Liquid Edge Solutions.

Since he has been in charge of the Accounting and Integration division for the last 8 years

His core strengths are conflict resolution, analytical and problem solving. Philip knows the business world well and this brings a good balance in discussions and decision-making on Board level.

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