Me Hester Thirion

Me Hester Thirion

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Hester was Group Accountant at Decor holdings for 3 years. Decor begins Cascade. She was one of the Founders and General Manager at Cascade for 2 years. After which she sold her share and moved to Cape Town to become an agent for Cascade West Cape with her own business.

As a businesswoman, she started a company specialising in property development, Bethanie Beleggings, with 36 friends in 2002. She is still Managing Director.

In 1997 the Lord called her to get involved with the Hub in the Ukraine where Logos Family Church and Christo Botes played a major role with the planting of 106 churches.

Logos asks her to manage Sterreliggieland, the church's pre-school, and the Missions and Congregation's finances where she is still doing.

In 2002 she and 7 others founded a church in Bottelary Primary School where she has been Pastor for 20 years now.

She is the only non-Theologian who is a member of the Task Team of New Faiths COMMUNITY of the Western Cape synod of the NG Church. Here she helps with regulations to create space in the NG church's constitution for a fresh expression of being a church. They as NG Church task team train 580 ministers to think anew about church through Fresh Expressions where she is the Western Cape Chairman and "Fresh Africa Trainer".

She's Director at Jesus in Action. And Director of Win a City.

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