I've got dignity now

I've got dignity now

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Our South Africa leader Dalene writes:

The door bell rings. A neighbour in crisis? Everyone scrambles to get necessities before lock down starts. I open the gate. Before me stands a woman in her late twenties? I expect she'll ask for money - that's usually the case.

"How can I help? I'm sorry; I have no cash on me today, but you have to make haste. Do you have a home?"

Tears start to run down her cheeks.

"No Mam, I don't want money, and I have a home, in Ceres. I'm helping my family. Don't you remember me?"

I had to admit I couldn't remember.

"Almost a year ago I came to you, and you helped me with food, clothes and you gave me an audio Bible in a little canister. It changes me. Look at me."She touches her face and hair. Free of drugs. Look at me. I'm clean. I've got dignity now. God gave me dignity ... I now know who I am. I am on my way home now before lock down, but I passed by and wanted to come and thank you. Thank you for helping me and giving me that Bible. If you do have old clothes you don't need any more; I can use that to help my family."

"Wait!" Somewhat startled I ran back inside, thinking: 'I gave her those clothes, food and Bible with absolutely no expectation' - feeling somewhat ashamed about that now.

I grab a piece and back outside I say: "Please be safe, and look after yourself. Thank you for coming back."

It was only back inside the house I started to really process what just happened. I remembered that face now, the old one: the dispair, the hurt, the hopelesness. There was no way I could have recognised the new face I just saw. I was bowled over - it was so ... significant, out of this world ...

Never again will I underestimate the smallest investment I make in others.

Never again will I take lightly the liberating power of the Word of the Great Spirit of God, our Supreme Creator. If He could turn my eyes to see Him for He really is: the Source of Love, Hope and Restoration, He can really do it for everyone else.

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