Rev Adriaan Jacobus van Wijk

Rev Adriaan Jacobus van Wijk

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Rev Attie van Wijk served as volunteer with Dorothea Mission for a year before completing his theological studies (BA, BTh, Dip Theol) at Stellenbosch.

He first served as missionary among the amaXhosa in the Eastern Cape, then as pastor of the Afrikaans-speaking congregation at Thaba Nchu, then as missionary in Windhoek, Namibia, serving in a multilingual congregation (9 languages) in Katutura, in which time he was the secretary and later chairman of the Bureau for Literacy and Literature in the indigenous languages.

In this time two recordists of Gospel Recordings turned up and stayed in his home for some weeks. In this time, he helped them making recordings in a number of indigenous languages.

He then used this experience to start making indigenous-language sound tracks for MEMA (Modern Evangelist Media for Africa).

He was then called to Biblecor in Wellington to serve as Head of courses in other languages than Afrikaans. He helped develop courses about the felt needs of Africa in 8 languages. Biblecor also became involved in spreading the gospel in Sri Lanka and India up to today.

Eventually he became principal of the Nehemiah Bible Institute and helped develop distance learning courses for African churches, which is being used in 36 countries at this point.

When he retired in 2006, he was acting CEO of Bible Media, principal of two correspondence institutions and active in mobilizing the local churches to support missionaries and missions. Two of his children are involved in spreading the gospel in the Middle East.

He has a passion for the authority of the Holy Scriptures and the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ in every country.

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