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Many recordings have scripts available online written in the vernacular language
Many recordings have scripts available online written in the vernacular language

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Christian AIDS Bureau for Southern Africa guide and support Christian communities in their response to HIV

GRN is moving the computer systems into the cloud

A recording session

by Christine Platt, CEO


Dalene Joubert has been working with a team of experts in South Africa to produce new scripts aimed at teaching people how to avoid becoming infected with HIV/AIDS. This country has an infection rate approaching 18% of the population. Neighbouring countries face similar problems.

The writing team includes the Training Manager of CABSA (Christian organisation seeking to transform communities affected by HIV), a social worker, a medical doctor, a theologian and Dalene herself. The script was written specifically to address issues present in South Africa, taking into account South African culture. It may prove useful in other countries too.

We hope that this script will provide many people with the knowledge they need to avoid contracting HIV and that subsequent scripts will help them develop a Christian worldview and introduce them to Jesus Christ.

GRN recordings are only as good as the scripts we adapt, translate and record. We are keen to develop new scripts which will introduce people to Jesus and address pressing issues in their communities.


Technology has invaded the operation of GRN just like it has the rest of the world. We need to keep up with advances and make the most of technology as we tell the story of Jesus in every language.

In order to achieve this we are moving our computer systems into 'the cloud'. This should make our recordings more reliably accessible via the internet to people like you. It should also reduce the workload on our computer experts and make our systems more reliable for recordists, studio workers and all GRN computer users.

This is a huge job which is taking a lot of time and energy, but it's all worthwhile when we receive reports from users excited to hear God's word in their own dialect, who tell us how they are sharing the messages with their family and friends.

A changing world...

GRN works in more than 34 countries worldwide, many of which are developing countries. In many of these countries the GRN teams see the needs in their own and neighbouring nations and would love to expand their work.

GRN's traditional funding countries are unable to provide the money needed to facilitate this expansion and so the work cannot grow by traditional methods. It's time for a new approach!

We have introduced the Power To Change method for raising personal support (called Ministry Partnership Development) to several countries to give them a tool to use. We are also talking about other ways to engage the local church to see GRN ministry as part of their effort to reach their own nation.

We would love to see GRN operations around the world free to grow and develop with the support and assistance of local churches. This is a huge change which is necessary but difficult for all. It will take a huge amount of prayer, faith, changing attitudes, hard work and courage.

So I look back on 2018 and am encouraged to see progress made in these vital areas. At the same time it is apparent that these projects are very much works in progress. Please pray for good development to be made in each of these areas, leading GRN in directions in accordance with God's will and purpose for GRN.

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