Wildlife Storytellers

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A Wildlife Storyteller is a high quality cuddly animal with an audio player in its pouch containing targeted audio messages that bring hope to people with special needs.

Tumi the Talking Tiger

Tumi is for traumatised children and general life orientation. There is also a special adaptation specifically for war victims. See the incredible story of how Tumi was created.

Colin the Companion Cub

Colin is a well-researched script to assist Alzheimers patients. The program has a very specific presentation technique (mono-tone), mixing 432Hz therapy music in-between the chats.

Sam the Sheep

Sam is a new product currently being developed. It is aimed at a growing need among adults and children to be equipped to give a proper account of the Christian faith. There will be a series of 11 scripts for adults to give teaching on the basics of the Christian faith, whixch will then be adapted for children as well.

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Materi audio dan audio-visual - Beragam sumber daya yang sesuai secara budaya di lebih dari 6.000 bahasa, sangat cocok untuk komunikator lisan.

Wildlife Storytellers Video - Unique spiritual tools to help you and your ministry partners share the Gospel and comfort children across the globe