What is a Story, and Why Does It Matter?

What is a Story, and Why Does It Matter?

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Hello! I'm Clair Rulison, staff member of GRN Thailand. I've served in GRN, partnering with my husband, Jon Rulison, since we married in 1992. I studied professional acting and theater arts in university. This, combined with a strong background in writing, communications, and education, has helped me to contribute to GRN ministry in script development and in training.

During my Recordist Training in Nigeria, I helped to create a dramatized script for Fulani women. In Kazakhstan, where Jon and I worked for 4 years, I wrote and co-wrote several scripts, including The Sacrifice, which has been useful in Central Asia. In Nepal and Thailand, I helped to structure and develop curriculum for Recordist Training Courses, and have been a trainer in 7 courses. I enjoy making the training of Recording Teams an interactive experience. I call my sessions 'Explorations' because the trainees bring their own knowledge and ideas, and we learn together.

After our recent 6-week course here in Chiang Mai, I thought that some of the things we explored in relation to script development might be useful to the GRN community worldwide. One of the many subjects we interacted on was the role of stories in GRN scripts. I hope you'll find this series of articles helpful, and that they'll stimulate you to share some of what your teams have learned about preparing effective material for recordings.

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