People Accept Christ in West African Outreach

People Accept Christ in West African Outreach

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In April the GRN team from West Africa went to the village of 'P' in Plateau state where they speak the 'N' language for a four day outreach sponsored by 'Ministry, Women Intercessors for the Church and Nation (Wailing Women Worldwide)'.

Using the 'Kuduri' Video (a local film about meaning and determination) and the Jesus film they shared the gospel with all who came to watch. The following day the team shared the Gospel with 220 people who received free medical treatment.

On Sunday the GRN team participated in the local churches. Following one of these services five people gave their lives to Christ.

Those who prayed to receive Christ during the outreach were 102.


  • For the provision of funds/resources for the outreach.
  • For the new converts.
  • For safe trip.

Prayer Points:

  • For young people to fully embrace the gospel and not compromise their faith by mixing their Christian beliefs with African Traditional Religion.
  • For provision of funds/materials.
  • For our vehicle to be fixed.
  • For effective follow up.

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