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Bringing good news to everyone
Bringing good news to everyone

Halaman ini belum terdapat pada Bahasa Indonesia.

Many recordings have pictures to help understanding
Distribution of CDs at any public event or gathering place
GRN materials can assist with people learning English

by Christine Platt, CEO

We often think that GRN resources are good to use 'over there'. I believe that they can be really useful right here, in our own back yard. Here are some ideas:

The Elderly

Some older people forget other languages they have learned and revert back to their childhood language. They will often enjoy listening to Gospel messages and music in a language they can still understand. It could also prove comforting or even lead them to eternal life.


A hospital chaplain who comes across a patient with interest in the things of God but little English could find GRN resources a godsend. The patient can be left with gospel messages on their phone or given an inexpensive player which will allow them to listen for hours.

ESL Classes

Students in an ESL (English as a second language) class might have very little English but they speak their mother tongue very well. You can try and explain Jesus to them using their very limited vocabulary, you can wait for them to learn enough English to understand, or you could introduce them to a GRN recording in their own language.

The 5fish phone app makes sharing these messages very easy. However, for technologically challenged teachers or students, we can provide CDs, DVDs, or some other means for listening.

Oral Communicators

Lots of people cannot read. GRN's resources have also been produced in Australian English. If you have people who cannot read, we have materials which can explain the message of the gospel simply and provide basic discipleship materials. We have even produced a five-minute evangelistic audio visual.

Again these are readily available on a smartphone or we could provide CDs, DVDs or some other method for people to hear.

Agricultural workers

Many rural areas will have a group of people from another country living in their midst. They often come to harvest or work on farms. Many of these people have poor English, which makes it hard for a local church to reach out to them. GRN resources are perfect for such people. Using the 5fish app, CDs, DVDs and audio players, churches can take the good news to these people in their own language. They'll get the message clearly and the church can concentrate on providing friendship and hospitality.

Refugees and Immigrants

If you're out and about or intentionally trying to introduce people to Jesus, you are going to come across people who do not speak English well. Witnessing comes to an abrupt end when you cannot talk to someone. 5fish gives you the gospel in almost 6,000 languages and dialects on your phone. If phone apps don't suit you, we can give you a collection of CDs and DVDs in the most common languages you come across.


5fish is a mobile phone app available on iTunes, Android, and the web browser (5fish.mobi). It allows you to download gospel messages in almost 6,000 languages and dialects, onto your smartphone in seconds and then share them easily.

GRN Resources are available via: CD, DVD, microSD card, USB stick, internet, mp3 player and speaker etc.

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