Thailand: That Little Box Speaks My Language

Thailand: That Little Box Speaks My Language

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When we knew we were going to visit this family in which the adults only speak Akha and were oral communicators I started to try to brainstorm how we could possibly serve them or reach them in their language. I remembered that a year or two ago a friend of ours (that recently passed away) had shown me these special devices that are made to hold recordings and have special speakers that can be broadcast to anywhere from a small group to up to 100 people. They have a hand crank or you can purchase a solar panel to power them so you don't need electricity or batteries (they have no electricity and batteries would be a huge expense they couldn't afford).

I contacted the group that makes these in our city and asked what they had in this tribal language. It turns out they had stories from the word from the beginning to end. They also had testimonies and songs and how to follow father. There is a picture book that goes with the stories as well. They are quite expensive but I felt led to purchase one for this family.

When I first pulled it out they all gathered around and were amazed that this little box was speaking their language. They said that the speaker was very clear and easy to understand. Right before we left I pulled it out again and had them run it themselves to be sure they knew how to use it properly. Hopefully many evenings when the sun goes down and there is nothing else to do they will listen to these stories over and over again. I told the mom to ask the Father to help her to understand why He told this story and what it means for her as either an example to follow or something to show her more about Him or what he wanted her to learn.

Please ask with me that He will do that in her life. I had told her the verse the night before of how He gives wisdom to anyone who asks. I reminded her of that and that he might do so through these stories as she hears them.

Lauren Thomas

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