Serving Other Missions

Serving Other Missions

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Our hand-crank players help spread the Word in lesser-developed areas of the world.

GRN is privileged to partner with other missions by providing them with tools for their evangelism work. Not only do we supply message tapes and CDs (now in over 6000 heart languages), but also we provide hand-crank cassette players for use in lesser developed areas of the world.

One such partner is IBRA, an international radio ministry and part of the World by Radio group. They recently wrote:

"Over the years we have seen many come to Christ and churches have been planted using cassette players. Just after the Rwanda genocide we sent four hundred GRN players to the refugee camps in Tanzania and the Congo. We trained evangelists in the camps to use the players and material. We saw more than 12,000 people come to salvation in Jesus Christ. Thousands with inner wounds found renewed hope in the Lord."

The writer continues, "Among the Muslim and animist Makonde people of southern Tanzania and northern Mozambique we have seen at least three churches planted by using cassettes in combination with radio programs. I visited one of the churches a month ago and found more than fifty believers in a simple mud church. The first believers came to Christ through listening to the cassettes on your players."

Another missionary working for fifteen years in Africa said, "In Mozambique, two new school teachers arrived and the Good News materials from GRN gave them the courage to reach out to a totally unreached area. Before long a group of twelve people got together. None of this group was Christian but each was 100% inquisitive! The group convened weekly so as to listen to more GRN stories. They now have eight small groups and have started to pray together."

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