Creation and Redemption of Man

Creation and Redemption of Man

Garis besar: Introduces local belief of origin of man by a question. Biblical account of creation, fall and redemption follows. S.E. introduced as creation is mentioned. Simple invitation concludes.

Nomor naskah: 019

Bahasa: English

Tema: Sin and Satan (Cleanse, purify, Shame); Christ (Redemption, Son of God, Sacrifice / Atonement); Living as a Christian (Peace with God); Bible timeline (Creation)

Pengunjung: Animist; General

Gaya: Monolog

Jenis: Bible Stories & Teac

Tujuan: Evangelism

Kutipan Alkitab: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

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Isi Naskah

Look about you. Do you see the trees, the hills? God made them. Do you see the horses and cattle (etc.) God made them too. (Pause) The pigs and the chickens and the dogs were all created by God (Pause). (Include animals from all cultural categories). See the beautiful flowers and listen to the birds sing. (Pause) These were all made by God. He is the true God Who made heaven and earth and everything in it. (Pause) Hear the children at play and the little baby cooing in his mother's arms... People also were created by God.*

The first man and woman were named Adam and Eve. They were good. They loved God. God loved them. They were happy.

Satan is the chief of wicked spirits. One day Satan lied to the man and woman. God said, "If you follow Satan you must die." But Adam and Eve turned from God and followed Satan. They disobeyed God's Word. (They were no longer friends with God.) Sickness and sorrow came to them. They were sorry they had followed Satan. When God called them they were afraid.

God hates evil. God told them that their sin must be punished. He promised that he would send His Son to the earth to die for their sin. He would become a man. Then He would suffer death. He would become the sacrifice for their wrong doing. It would cleanse the evil from their hearts. Then they could be at peace with God.

Adam and Eve were very glad because of God's words. They wanted to be God's friends again. But God knew His Son would not come for many years. He wanted Adam's family to have forgiveness. He instructed them, "You may make a sacrifice of a lamb. The lamb's blood has no power, but it will teach you of the blood of my Son. When I see the lamb's blood, I will think of my Son, and I will forgive you. Then you will have peace."

After many years God sent His only Son to this earth. He came in the form of a baby. His name was Jesus Christ. When He became a man, He gave His life for the sins of all people. He was killed, and in this way He took our punishment. Because He was God, His life returned to Him, and He went back to live with God His Father. He is there in Heaven now.

(When Jesus died, God said, "My Son has made a perfect sacrifice. Now other sacrifices are finished. If anyone accepts Jesus as his sacrifice for sins, I will forgive him.")

My friends, people do not know this good news. They do not know that Jesus made the payment (sacrifice) for their sins. They are still making sacrifices themselves. God does not want us to make sacrifices anymore. Believe only on Jesus. Accept Him as your sacrifice and turn away from other sacrifices. Turn from all your evil ways. Then God will forgive your sins, and will give you peace.

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*(Previous original, now obsolete, continues on from here):
When God created the world, it was perfect and beautiful, and the first man and woman were good and holy. They obeyed and loved God and were happy.

God told man that he must always obey Him or he would be punished with death. But there was also in the world a wicked one called the devil. He is man's enemy. One day the devil lied to man and got him to disobey God. Man sinned. After this everything was different. Man was not happy any more. He was ashamed and tried to run and hide from God. He felt naked. But God loved man and began to search for him, calling him by name. "Adam, where art thou?"

Ever since that time all men in the world, and women and children too, have listened to the devil and have disobeyed God, therefore everyone who does not repent and believe in Christ will suffer eternally in Hell. People try to hide from God, but He can see everything. He even knows our thoughts.

But God loved man and wanted him to come back to Him, but he couldn't because of his sin which was like a great black cloud between him and God. So God sent His own Son, Jesus Christ, down from heaven to this world to take our punishment. Jesus could do this because He had no sin of His own. He suffered on the cross for our sins. He took our punishment so that we could come back to God. He died for your sins. Then He rose up from the grave and went back to His Father in Heaven.

Now it is easy for anyone--that means you--to come to God. All you need to do is believe that Jesus Christ took away your sin, and receive Him as your Saviour and Lord. You can't see Him with your physical eyes now, but He is everywhere. (Some day He is coming back to this earth and they you will see Him with your eyes.) He listens to you when you pray. Close your eyes and talk to Him and He will do what you ask. Say, "Dear God, I now receive Jesus Christ as my Saviour. Cleanse my heart from all sin. Thank You for receiving me."

God is calling you saying, "Come, come and you will not be ashamed any more. When you die, you will go to live forever in Heaven with God."

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