MP3 Player Distribution

Your donation will allow national pastors and travelling evangelists to share the gospel in local dialects

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A donation for an MP3 Player Distribution allows us to equip national pastors and travelling evangelists with a tool to share the gospel in the local dialects of their area. These dialects vary significantly in many areas. The Saber greatly increases evangelists effectiveness since the message doesn't sound foreign. It's personal and powerful because it's in the listeners heart language.

Production of GRN's Saber MP3 player has now been discontinued but we still provide MP3 players from other sources. These players continue to be a vital tool in spreading the gospel. Below are some testimonies of people who used GRN's Saber MP3 player.

Here's a testimony from a Nepalese pastor:

"Thank you very much for providing us SABER MP3 players with materials. Last month 22 of us went our surrounding village to share the Gospel we walked about six hours every day for one week and we divided into groups to share the Gospel. We had three sets of Gospel Kits with us. It was easy to gather people because of picture books. Tamang, Magar and Rai language was very much useful. We realize there are not many people who can read tracts so this audio method was very much effective. Many people showed their interest so we distributed some CDs to them. We thank you for this very useful tool. We will be using this more in future."

Testimony from a travelling evangelist in Asia:

"Thank you for my new Saber player. I always keep this player with me, this player is my friend. With this Saber player I have been in many villages. Whenever I see villagers are sitting on sun or gathering any where I start to play message for them. Many of my neighbor also borrow this player from me turn by turn and most of them says this is really good materials which talks about different God.

Many people from following villages accepted lord through my saber use:

  1. Nuwakot Newpane: A lady who is 65 years and her husband, Son, his wife and two children, all together 6 people of this family coming to church.
  2. Kavre Dolalghat: Two families, all together 8 of them going to church.
  3. Sindhupalchok: 3 person from one family
  4. NuwaKot: 5 People from one family

There are many more people who showed their interest to know more about Jesus. Thank you for this material, may God bless you."

For more information on MP3 Player Distribution please contact Mark Hughes.

Or you can give here, designating your gift to 'MP3 Player Distribution'

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