Philippines Recording and Training

Recording in the Philippines
Recording in the Philippines

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Trainees from our Philippines Team

Jurine (L), Mary Ann (R) and three of the trainees

Sometimes a plan comes together and it seems very clear that God's hand is upon it. Recent events in the Philippines seem to fall into this category.


The Philippines is a nation of 115 million people living on about 2,000 inhabited islands speaking almost 200 different speech varieties. GRN has been attempting to tell the story of Jesus in the languages of this island nation since GRN founder Joy Ridderhoff recorded the first messages there in 1949. GRN Philippines has continued to pray diligently for more recording staff and for the opportunity to record in some of the more remote languages.

Leadership Matters Course (LMC)

GRN Philippines leaders, Jurine and Mary Ann, completed the Leadership Matters Course (LMC) run by the International Training Alliance last year. The LMC is a wonderful, intensive and practical two-week leadership course which has helped Jurine and Mary Ann to think strategically and to effectively communicate their plans and dreams. It also enabled them to meet a fellow student working with a remote language group, that is too sensitive to name, who can see the benefits of recordings being made for them. As a result, plans were made for Mary Ann to visit her new friend to discuss recording plans.

Team Approach

GRN assembled experienced recording personnel to discuss recording and training methods in Australia last October. Mary Ann was amongst this cohort. One outcome of this consultation is a renewed emphasis on recording in teams and enabling team members to specialise in audio, research or content. This change has come about with increasing sophistication of all aspects of the recording process and of the listeners. The job of making recordings is really too big for just one person.

New Trainees

The Philippines team found several potential new members for their recording team. How could they assess their suitability? They ran a weeklong training course for their prospective trainees. Four students have proudly finished this course, travelling to Manila from different regions of the country. It is hoped they will eventually be able to line up recording projects in their own regions. Then the team will work together to make these recordings a reality.

Recording Project

Back to the partnership mentioned at the beginning. Mary Ann went and visited her friend working with a remote unreached people group. They consulted and decided what should be recorded. Currently her friend is working with local speakers to translate the chosen script into the local language. Mary Ann has asked for help from an experienced recordist in a neighbouring country to come and help. They will travel with a couple of the trainees to record God's word in this remote and unreached tribe's language. The recording team approach is being used creatively by our Philippines team to produce this recording while training new staff without overloading Mary Ann whose leadership load is increasing.

Can you help?

Please pray for this project and our GRN Philippines team. The project is expensive as it encompasses translation, recording, distribution and evaluation. Transport and accommodation costs are also high. Could you contribute financially to this project? Total estimated cost: AU$12,500.

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