Did you say 'Orality'?

GRN uses local voices when recording the story of Jesus
GRN uses local voices when recording the story of Jesus

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Bringing the gospel in pictures and audio recordings

It is still a new word for many but an important one for GRN.

Think of it this way - it's a word that is very similar to literacy.... but quite different too! It refers to communication - the recording, storing and passing on of information. Literacy refers to when this is done in print form or in writing. Orality refers to the recording, storing and passing on of information in non-print forms. Oral learners are those who prefer to receive, and pass on information in non-print forms.

While there are still a few communities in the world where writing is virtually unknown, the vast majority of the world is aware of writing and makes some use of printed material. However, literacy levels vary hugely from those who can't read at all to those like lawyers who have a great capacity to absorb large amounts of text and make sense of it. Most of us are somewhere in between.

Ask yourself this question, "If someone offers me a book or a video that contains the same information, which would I choose?" Some would choose the book. They are probably 'literacy preference' learners. More of us are likely to choose the video which suggests that even if we are well educated we may be 'oral preference' learners. Some estimates suggest that as much as 80% of the world's people are oral preference learners. You can be highly literate and still be an oral preference learner.

What does this have to do with GRN?

GRN produces evangelistic and Bible teaching primarily for oral learners - in particular that end of the oral communications spectrum that finds reading difficult or impossible. We are especially concerned for speakers of minority languages which may not have been written down, or where literacy is very low and where there may not be many ways a person can learn about Jesus in a way that makes sense to them.

Many of the 'least reached' people of the world fit into these categories. We want to communicate in a way that 'works' for them, so we use stories, songs, and other 'oral communication techniques' to get the message across. Our goal is to "Tell the story of Jesus in every language".

It is important we in GRN understand orality. Audio and audio-visual media can be great ways to communicate a message to oral learners.

Understanding orality has implications for many areas of life and ministry even in highly educated environments such as Australia. Watch future editions of 'Every Language' for more on this fascinating topic.

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