Distribution, Recording and Conference Report - October 2016

Joshua demonstrating the saber player to a Baptist pastor of Killa-Yang
Joshua demonstrating the saber player to a Baptist pastor of Killa-Yang

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A lot of skill is needed for these roads
Two buildings constructed by the community where passengers can wait overnight for the next ferry
Edward Sukola at the 'Million Village Challenge' conference
Language Helper inside our bus and the recordist, Joshua Bello sitting outside

This month (October) is very eventful in spite of the religious, tribal and terrorists attacks in the increase, yet God has proved Himself powerful and faithful. Anytime we launch out and come back safe, we consider it the most successful outing; any other success is a supplement.

DISTRIBUTION: We made distribution and MAMBILA: Kuma and JUKUN: Ekpan; both in Taraba State.

MAMBILA: Kuma is in a village called Killa-Yang after Gembu, a distance of over 1,060 kms away from Jos. After Gembu, the road is not motor able. The only means of transport is either a bicycle or a motor bike and not every cyclist can maneuver his way except an expert. It takes 3 hours on a motor bike from Gembu to Killa-Yang which is a stone throw to Cameroon border.

It wasn't an easy trip at all. However, the team had to go. I wander how the people survive there. Anyway, God has put them there and has graciously given them the enablement to stay there to appreciate God's creation.

There is a big river to cross by a small canoe and only one old man owns it. If you arrive at the river bank and he has closed for the day or gone to the farm, you either plead with someone in the village to take you to his farm or you sleep at the river bank.

Thank God there are two buildings constructed by the community for passengers who arrive late and don't know where to pass the night. They can just sleep on the bare floor and feed the mosquitoes that night. Thank God we have always arrive there at the right time.

The small canoe carries both the motor bike and the passengers. Any child who has not travelled out misses the opportunity to see a car or a city.

In the pictures below you would see different terrains before Killa-Yang. Cameroon is closer to them than Gembu, hence their traders go to Cameroon to buy social amenities including food stuff.

You would see cyclists carrying some big bags of goods from Cameroon to Killa-Yang.

Finally, some CDs, Good News flipcharts, and a copy a saber player was presented to the pastor. Thereafter, our team left for another location to deliver some CDs, Good News flipcharts, and a copy of saber player to the pastor of JUKUN: Ekpan.

DIRIM RECORDING: Dirim has less than 5% Christians. They are mostly pagans and Muslims. Unfortunately our team met them celebrating their pagan festival which made the environment too noisy throughout the night. So the only option to have a quiet place for recording was to move out of the environment.

In a picture (right) you would see a Language Helper inside our bus and the recordist, Joshua Bello sitting outside doing the recording.

MISSION CONFERENCE: Edward A. Sukola represented GRN in conference titled "Million Village Challenge Conference," South-West, Nigeria Akure, Ondo State. The participants were all missionaries representing mission agencies. Edward was one of the facilitators and so he did very well in presenting GRN. The saber players and the Good News flip charts were sold and some were left behind with a mission agency for onward sales.

LOOKING AHEAD: We are planning for another distribution next month (November) in Taraba State. It's another location that is not motor able exactly like Killa-Yang. BUKWEN and MASHI were recorded in 2014 and yet to be distributed.

FOLLOW-UPS: We have a series of follow-ups in Niger and Kebbi States in December. December 26-30 would rounding up with a medical outreach in some villages in Miango community near Jos. So pray for provision of these projects.

Kish Hai Bai reporting.

Above: 1. Crossing River Ibi in Taraba State
2. The road leading to Gembu in Taraba State, one of the coolest places in Nigeria
3. Joshua and the cyclist in the canoe ready for cross over
Below: 1. Cyclists conveying goods from Cameroon to Killa-Yang community in Nigeria
2. Our recordist in recording mood in the night of DIRIM songs
3. Presentation of CDs, saber player, and Good News flip charts to the pastor of JUKUN: Ekpan

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