Meet the Millers

Meet the Millers

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David and Katrina started working with GRN Australia early in 2008, bringing with them a wealth of skills and enthusiasm. David grew up on the Northern Beaches area of Sydney while Katrina is a native of Northwest Sydney. These days they live at Werrington and worship at St Mary's Baptist Church.

Coming from a nominal Christian family, David gave his life to God during his last years at high school. For Katrina, growing up in a strong Christian family, her growth in Christ has been a gradual process. Both have developed a strong desire to live for God and use the skills he has given them to serve him and do his work. Since their wedding in 1995 they have done this together.

David trained in Information Technology and has developed expertise in a wide range of applications. In 1997 he formed a non-profit company, "Crosscape Technology Ltd", in order to help provide IT services to mission organisations. His IT skills have been of great benefit to the work of GRN in Australia and to our Centres around the world.

Katrina has a heart condition, which restricts her activities but works 2 days per week in the administration department . Her primary responsibility is to maintain the mailing list and send out the monthly publications - 'Rejoice' and 'Every Language'.

David and Katrina have been an answer to our prayers for more staff and we thank God for the people they are and the skills they bring to the work.

If you would like to receive the Miller's regular prayer letters please contact us at the office.

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David and Katrina Miller - David is our Information Technology Specialist, managing the Australian computer network, developing systems, and participating in the global Information Systems team. Katrina looks after the mailing list.