Shining Light into Kenya

Wanga Community Sunday school class display their GRN materials
Wanga Community Sunday school class display their GRN materials

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Walter teaching some pastors how to operate 5fish app during the revisit interview meeting

Walter Okelo went back to West Kenya to see how the Wanga and Marama recordings had been received. He visited many different churches and denominations. The people loved the recordings and wished they had received them earlier!

One Wanga speaking pastor loaned an mp3 player and picture books to a family that never went to church and were involved in witchcraft. He asked them to listen to the message when they could and to return the player and flipchart on Sunday through their child.

To his surprise, the man, his wife and 17 year old daughter came into the church on the Saturday night during a fellowship meeting. Many in the congregation were afraid of them because of the witchcraft. They came right up to the pulpit area and knelt down. The church burst into worship songs. All of a sudden the man shouted, "Pastor, it's time for my family to stop our behaviour and accept Jesus. We want to give Him our love and our peace too. We are also children of Israel, let Him save us now, we have no peace in our home and we are here, come and pray for us." The man fell on his stomach prostrate while his wife kept crying and rolling on the ground helplessly saying "Jesus, here I am! Jesus, here I am!" To cut a long story short, he received salvation with his wife and daughter. Today they are most supportive of the work of God and active members of the church.

This pastor thanks God for GRN materials. His prayer is that God would give GRN the strength and grace to reach as many people as possible in this world.

Pastors in West Kenya said that GRN recordings helped increase the size of their congregations, Sunday Schools and youth groups. People love hearing God's word in their own tribal language. People, young and old, were bringing their neighbours to see the pictures and listen to the message in their mother tongue - and some have come to faith.

One Sunday School teacher said that the materials helped the children to learn because it was in their mother tongue. She also said that the children wanted to be like the mighty men in the Bible. She had noticed an improvement in their behaviour.

It is encouraging to hear of people wanting to listen, coming to faith, and becoming more like Christ as they hear the story of Jesus in their own language.

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