International Leadership Team Meeting - Tucson Arizona

International Leadership Team and guests
International Leadership Team and guests

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The International leadership Team (ILT) met for 6 days of meetings on a ranch just out of Tucson, Arizona. It was a spectacular location which allowed the ILT to visit the new GRN USA offices and renew acquaintance with the USA staff as well as conduct routine leadership meetings face to face.

As we met, the daily devotions revealed a common theme and were centred around 1 Corinthians 12-14. The importance of love was recurring with diversions to our need for unity, being a single body of many parts and each part having a unique and importance function, and of God's great love for us that results in him pursuing us (Song of Songs).

ILT members cooking up a storm to share lunch with USA staff

We worked hard each day, spending hours sitting in a room and talking. Difficult topics, encouraging news, world events and opportunities were the order of the day. We were encouraged to see progress in several areas and it was good to be able to talk through issues in detail and take the time needed to make sure we all understood and were in agreement.

ILT thanks all those who prayed. We were thankful for the unity amongst the team. It was good for Sam Bouix, European Director, to learn more about the ministry and priorities of GRN as he settles into his role.

A highlight of the visit was fellowship with the US staff in Catalina. We enjoyed a barbeque lunch with the staff and had opportunity to hear from the staff about their work and to share something with the staff about what is happening in GRN around the world.

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