GRN's Resources

GRN's Resources

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GRN produces resources which help people all over the world hear the Good News of Jesus in their own language.

The aim of GRN is to produce a limited range of materials (approximately 3 to 8 hours of recording) in every language. These programs are designed to enable people to understand the basic messages of the Bible, in particular the way of salvation, and to give them a start on the journey of discipleship.

What do we make?

  1. Audio only materials (e.g. Gospel messages, Bible stories, Scripture readings etc) available on CD or by free download as an mp3 from our websites.
  2. Three audiovisual programs made up of recordings and pictures sets. These are: 'Good News', 'Look, Listen & Live' and 'The Living Christ'. The pictures are available in printed and digital forms in different sizes, and in colour or black and white.
  3. Our Saber mp3 player. This is a robust hand-wind mp3 player designed for listening by groups in places where there is no electricity and where batteries are expensive or unreliable.

Recordings have been produced in over 6,000 languages

Missionaries, pastors, evangelists and 'ordinary' believers use these materials to help people come to faith in Christ and grow in their faith. We receive a lot of feedback to show that the materials are effective.

Can you use these materials? Here are some ideas.

  • Supply them to cross-cultural missionaries.
  • Tell Sunday school or Scripture teachers about them or give them a sample.
  • Use them in English (TESOL) teaching.
  • Give the "good news" to a neighbour, a shop worker or a work colleague who speaks a different language.

These materials are an effective way to share the gospel with someone in their heart language through our recordings, or pass this information onto someone you know who would like to.

If you have any questions, please contact me at the Sydney office on 02 9899 2211 or email me.

Christine Platt

Mission Statement: In partnership with the Church, to effectively communicate the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ by means of culturally appropriate audio and audio-visual materials in every language.

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