Growing Partnership

Tom Treseder from MegaVoice with Christine Platt, CEO GRN Australia
Tom Treseder from MegaVoice with Christine Platt, CEO GRN Australia

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Tumi the Talking Tiger with a MegaVoice player - which fits in Tumi's tummy pouch

GRN has been in partnership with MegaVoice for decades. Our recordings have been a vital component of MegaVoice's audio library that they load onto their players.

MegaVoice designs and produces solar powered audio players. These players are strong, durable, small and lightweight.

They also supply the wildlife storyteller animals such as Tumi Tiger and some battery powered audio players.

Our partnership with MegaVoice has entered a new phase as GRN Australia is now an official distributor of MegaVoice players.

As a MegaVoice Media Centre we will take orders for MegaVoice players here in Australia and hope to facilitate the provision of players to many of our centres and bases around the world.

Please pray for this partnership to continue to grow and develop and for it to result in many people around the world hearing God's word in their own language and coming to faith in Jesus Christ.

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