Flipcharts and Books to M/V 'Pacific Dispatch'

Mike and Eliezar with GRN materials
Mike and Eliezar with GRN materials

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by Kenny McKee - GRN UK

I got this email today from a friend of mine. Mike is a Seamens Port Missionary in Scotland who visits crew members in all kind of ships and vessels who arrive in the Scottish ports. He loves our GRN materials and I thought you'd enjoy hearing this little story.


Hi Kenny,

I passed on the pack you sent of Flip charts and A5 books to Eliezar Dejito the cook on the Pacific Dispatch.

He returns to the Philippines on the 29th May and will be establishing a new Sunday School and feeding programme at a location some three hours drive of where they live in Lapu-Lapu City.

I explained to him about arranging amplification for the 5fish audio on a mobile phone.

He knows that we would appreciate photographs evidencing both the large and small format books in use and I will forward these to you.

I would appreciate you putting Eliezar Dejito and his wife Maricris and daughter Princess on your prayer guide at some point because they are dedicated as a family working with Pastor Paul Mongas Jnr helping to sponsor the Mandaue Assembly of God Sunday school feeding program in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu Philippines.

Two weeks ago I met with Abraham Ferdinand (from Indonesia) on the MV Magellan to whom you gifted a set of charts & books last year for his street church.

I boarded the ship at 7:30 and just caught the engineers breakfast break so I got to meet with Abraham once more.

Bless him, he showed me lots of pictures and videos of the kids having a lovely time at their AOG church in Indonesia!!

Hopefully I will meet up with him again this Sunday by which time his wife may have sent him some pictures which you could use!


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