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We hear good news of others hearing good news - the Kawa Saka team with their truck
We hear good news of others hearing good news - the Kawa Saka team with their truck

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Training for Translators in South Africa
GRN France working with refugees in Europe
The Kawa Saka 10 team
Returning to the Kalinga Province to mark 10 years of Kawa Saka

by Christine Platt, CEO Australia

One of the privileges of working in the Australian office is hearing news:

The last Every Language mentioned a recording training course for Bible translators that would soon be run in South Africa.

Noel Bachelor was back home for just a few days when he received an email from one of his excited students. The student reported that he had recorded three Bible stories which some Bushmen, who speak that language, are currently checking. He had trained three more people to record, and after he reported back on what he had learned at a meeting, the committee members allocated money to build a studio (which is now under construction).

A couple who have served a remote tribal group in southern Philippines, for nearly forty years visited our office. This couple have used the GRN Saber (handwind mp3 player made in the Australian office) to teach these people the Bible and disciple them. When they began there were no Christians in the tribe. Today there are 20 churches and many believers. The Saber continues to be an important tool in their ministry.

Daniel has been working hard to mobilise the Church to reach refugees in Europe. He has been particularly successful in France and Italy where teams go into refugee camps regularly and take the Good News in the refugees' own languages. 5fish is very useful as are playback devices which allow the teams to access recordings in languages most frequently spoken by the refugees.

Daniel mentioned one refugee who came to Christ in France. This young man was enthusiastically evangelising each day but was sad because he had no hope of having a place to call home or being able to marry. Daniel helped him find work. He continues to evangelise, but now has a steady income and with it comes the hope of a home and family in the future. He even contributes financially to the ministry.

Our Filipino team undertook a major distribution trip to Kalinga Province. This is their tenth year of making an annual distribution trip - called Kawa Saka - and they symbolically returned to the place GRN founder Joy Ridderhoff visited more than 50 years ago. They met with people from several different tribes, gave thanks to God for all He has done through GRN and in these tribes, and distributed recordings to these people in their own languages.

It is a real encouragement to see their enthusiasm for distribution and for the joy present when celebrating 10 years of Kawa Saka.

Be assured that God is alive and well and at work. Rejoice with us and give thanks to God for the good things He is doing in the world.

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-think about such things. Php 4:8 (NIV)

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