"We're watching you!" - Attracted by Forgiveness

"We're watching you!" - Attracted by Forgiveness

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Incredible violence came upon the Christian community in in West Africa in response to the caricature of Muhammad by the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in France.

More than 84 churches and missions were burned after being robbed and ransacked. More than 69 houses and stores received the same treatment.

Miraculously no Christians have lost their lives and sustained material losses only. However; it is reported that some of the people who have participated in the attacks against Christians died. 169 people were arrested and are still in detention, waiting for the results of the investigations. Many connect the misfortunes that are happening to the attackers with their participation in the attacks. They now say that "you cannot get away when you provoke the God of Christians". God is revealing himself before their eyes.

There had been man hunting in some cities, Muslims going after Christians to kill them. To carry out their attack, the assailants move in a large group of people about fifty to the targeted site. They pull out the water faucet in the courtyard to prevent any attempt to put out the fire. A group of people enter the church to steal, another group break and another one spray gasoline to set up fire. In less than 3 hours they burned around sixty churches and houses, they were well organized and well informed. Many of these attacks occurred simultaneously.

These turmoils have led to a revival. Christians who had stopped going to church have started attending church again. Their faith has been refreshed somehow.

Christian leaders have publicly offered their forgiveness to the terrorist acts. This forgiveness has profoundly marked the Muslims. They have hard time to believing it. In stupefaction, an Imam called a Pastor and asked him: "Is your forgiveness real? Isn't it that you are planning your revenge in the guise of forgiveness? If it's real, expect many to come to your church. We're watching you."

It's exactly what's happening. Muslims, curious and astonished, now go to church, seeking to know the God of the Christians, the God who asks his people to forgive. Many of them start buying the Bible and read it.

Let's pray for all the Muslims who start going to church or read the Bible, curious and eager to know the true God.

Let's pray that Christian communities be united and give an encouraging testimony.

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