Sierra Leone

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Area (sq km):71,740
FIPS Country Code:SL
ISO Country Code:SL
GRN Office:Gospel Recordings Sierra Leone

About Sierra Leone

Freetown, the capital, is a port city and the commercial hub. Settled by freed and rescued slaves in 18th century, it was made the seat of government for the British territories in West Africa in 1821 and became the capital in 1961.

People groups:

  • West Atlantic - 45.3%
  • Mande - 43.8%
  • Kwa - 1.3%
  • Krio 8.6%
  • Other 1%

Religions: (Freedom of religion.)

  • Muslim - 70%
  • Traditional ethnic - 18.24%
  • Christian - 11%
  • Hindu - 0.04%


Sierra Leone was founded as a home for freed slaves in 1797. It was the first West African country to be evangelised. The first Protestant Church was started among freed slaves in Freetown, yet after over 200 years of effort, under 12% of the country claims to be Christian. (From 'Operation World')

The country emerged from a decade of civil war in 2002 with the help of Britain and a large United Nations peace keeping mission. It now faces the huge challenge of reconstruction.

Map of Sierra Leone

Map of Sierra Leone

Ragam bahasa dan dialek yang digunakan di Sierra Leone

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Nama Bahasa Rekaman Tersedia
Bahasa Yoruba [Benin] - ISO Language [yor]
English: Africa [Sierra Leone] [eng]
Gola [Liberia] - ISO Language [gol]
Gola: Deng [Liberia] [gol]
Gola: Senje [Liberia] [gol]
Kissi: Sierra Leone [kqs]
Klao [Sierra Leone] - ISO Language [klu]
Kono [Sierra Leone] - ISO Language [kno]
Koranko [Sierra Leone] - ISO Language [knk]
Krim [Sierra Leone] [bmf]
Krio [Sierra Leone] - ISO Language [kri]
Kroo [Liberia] [klu]
Kuranko: Sengbeh [Sierra Leone] [knk]
Landorgoh Loko [Sierra Leone] [lok]
Limba, West-Central [Sierra Leone] - ISO Language [lia]
Limba, West-Central: Western [Sierra Leone] [lia]
Loko [Sierra Leone] - ISO Language [lok]
Mende [Sierra Leone] - ISO Language [men]
Mende: Ko [Sierra Leone] [men]
Mende: Kpa [Sierra Leone] [men]
Pular [Guinea] - ISO Language [fuf]
Pular: Kebu Fula [Sierra Leone] [fuf]
Sherbro [Sierra Leone] - ISO Language [bun]
Sherbro: Shenge [Sierra Leone] [bun]
Sousou: Sierra Leone [sus]
Temne [Sierra Leone] - ISO Language [tem]

Kelompok Masyarakat di Sierra Leone

Arab, Lebanese; Bassa; Bom, Bum; British; Bullom; Deaf; French; Fula Jalon; Fulani, Krio; Gola; Greek; Kissi; Kissi, Southern; Kono, Konnoh; Krim; Krio; Kru; Kuranko; Limba, East; Limba, West; Loko; Maninka, Eastern; Mende; Sherbro; South Asian, general; Susu; Temne; Temne-Banta; Vai; Yalunka; Yoruba;

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