Congo DRC: Kananga Base Project

Congo DRC: Kananga Base Project

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These young men are being trained just to edit

Two editors

Pierre Bembe is a co-worker of GRNSA based in Kananga, in the Central part of Congo DRC.

They mainly work among the youth, in schools, in medical facilities and in the church assemblies.

During the many past years of unrest in the country, these assemblies, schools and medical facilities deteriorated very much. It is Pierre's desire to "use the actual relative peace to commence a rebuilding of the assemblies, schools and medical facilities for the glory of our Lord Jesus. To rebuild following many years of neglect and destruction has never been and is not a small task and would take many years, and it is not a job for the faint hearted, but our desire is for the upliftment of the pure-hearted leaders in the communities and the blessing of our country's people.

"Abovementioned gathering places provide good opportunity to share the message of the Bible and other trusted Bible-based teaching about HIV, mental health and domestic problems. The boarding schools in the past have been the seed plot of a large number of spiritual men and women, and our community needs to be much more active in being occupied in the Lord's business for His glory till He comes.

"The vastness of our mission field does make the transport of materials, people and help a very large logistical problem. Trying to establish communication routes using rivers and roads to find effective ways to get materials and services to every station and assembly is a big struggle.

"These routes then can be used to facilitate the distribution of the Bibles and other Bible-based teaching we get from GRN (Global Recording Network).

"This is our vision and prayer."

Recent training and recording

During February 2024 we were able to train a production team of three people who has the vision to translate and record more Bible-based audio and audiovisual teaching programs in the local languages of Congo DRC, particularly in the central region.

They were already able to record and edit teaching programs which build on the basic teaching we have been able to provide. But also, in some languages the bare basic program series have not been completed, so they're aiming to fill in the gaps in the teaching gaps, and gradually build on that.

Immediate Need

We would like to distribute 50 copies of the programs they have been able to capture to field test trying to measure initial response and impact.

R300 x 50 = R15,000 ($1,195)

Thank you greatly for your consideration to support this project.

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