Canada Praise and Prayer - October 2022

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1. GRN KENYA - Give thanks for Walter and James as they do the work of recording and distribution. Pray for James as he records, Walter as he distributes recordings to local churches, and for people to be transformed by God's word as they listen.

2. Africa - Pray for our many teams of GRN staff in Africa and other parts of the world dedicated to recording the Gospel message for those who have never heard and have no access to a Bible or cannot read.

3. Philippines - Please pray for Meann and Hannah from GRN Philippines to have their 6 week Thai visas approved so they can participate in the recordist training next month.

4. Pakistan - Six churches in Pakistan have each adopted an unrecorded language; pray that the GRN team will be able to get these recordings done with good language helpers, safe travel and protection from spiritual attack.

5. Pakistan - Pray for the recent recordings made by our Pakistan team and that these recordings will be a blessing to the people there who hear the recordings.

6. International -The International Leadership Team of GRN is meeting this week. Pray for the Holy Spirit's leading and for wisdom and grace as they tackle problems, make decisions and encourage GRN teams, many of whom are working in difficult and demanding situations.

7. Bangladesh - The team want to record for a Hindu tribe with no known Christians; pray they will find language helpers so they can reach out to this people group.

8. Spain - Please pray for Joel and Judith, Carlos and Valeria and ask the Lord to bless them and their work in southern Spain.

9. International - Pray for Graydon, International Director of GRN, as he oversees the process of finding his successor for when he steps down in 2023.

10. Canada - Pray for Kevin and Ruth Horan, they both have important ministries that are playing important parts in presenting the Gospel. Pray for their needs as a family.

11. International - As the ILT finish their meetings we thank God for their leadership and concern and pray for safe travel as they disperse to destinations across the world.

12. Year of 5fish Update - Give thanks that our 5fish app can now be accessed in over 31 different major languages. Pray for wisdom in communicating the benefits of 5fish to churches and mission agencies, who work in countries among people of those languages.

13. GRN Mexico - Pray for Chuy Tejeda, as he looks for language helpers to record the Mazahua language. Chuy will also be promoting the ministry of GRN in some local churches.

14. Unrecorded Languages - Hundreds of languages and dialects are still unrecorded. Ask God to provide the recordists, opportunities and ministry partners to enable more languages to be recorded and for those recordings to be powerfully used by God to transform lives.

15. U.S.A. - The USA Centre is holding an open day today. Pray that people will get a vision for the use of recording and that some might be inspired to support the work through becoming prayer partners or volunteers.

16. Ecuador - Please pray for Gustavo from the GRN Ecuador Team who will be recording a number of minority languages in Columbia and that the material he produces will be fruitful.

17. GRN Thailand - Please pray for wisdom and focus for Clair Rulison (Noel Bachelor and Mary Ann Ramos too) as she prepares training material for a recordist training course, being held at the GRNT office for 6 weeks, from 17th October until 25th November.

18. Switzerland - Pray for GRN Switzerland and for the support they give to the work in a number of West African countries.

19. South Africa - Give thanks for Melody from South Africa, who places Tumi Tiger players with traumatised children, and Colin the Cub players amongst dementia sufferers. Pray for these vulnerable people to receive comfort, healing and eternal life as they listen to the messages.

20. The Great Commission - "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."

21. Cameroon - Joseph, centre Leader in Cameroon asks for prayer for resources to tackle the 310 unrecorded languages in his country.

22. Canada - Pray for Marian Elliott, as she sends out email prayer requests for GRN missionary needs from around the world.

23. United Kingdom - Please pray for the recordings in the Somalian language being distributed here in the UK. There are many thousands of Somalians living here in the UK and reaching them requires much prayer.

24. Canada - David Elliott asks for prayer as he oversees the ministry from the Canadian office. It is his desire to see more funding going to the many recording needs around the world.

25. International - Language research is an important part of our recording projects. Pray for researchers in Thailand, Nigeria and Philippines as they tackle this task. Thank you for your prayers and support.

26. Canada - Pray for Diane Roberts, she will be in the office today working on the finance program. She performs a valuable task for the mission in making sure our financial records are accurate and up to date.

27. United Kingdom - Pray that Kenny McKee will find more recording opportunities among the migrants and refugees now living here in the UK.

28. The content of our recordings is vitally important; pray for new scripts carefully adapted for different cultural situations; and for script writers who understand the worldviews of other religions and are sensitive to local cultures and can write meaningful scripts.

29. Europe - Pray for the work volunteers from across Europe are doing among migrants and refugees in Greece who are using out tools to give them the Gospel as well as practical help.

30. Canada - Pray for Christina Waters, as she is the board chair and also heading up the search committee for a new director.

31. Kenya - Pray for Walter Okelo, the team leader as he oversees the office and represents the mission to church and mission leaders.

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