Canada Praise and Prayer - September 2022

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1. Missionaries - A long-time missionary Colin Stott, the former US Director has been dealing with serious health problems. Pray for Colin during this time and his wife Patti who has her own health concerns. Patti is helping with Colin's needs.

2. Kenya - Walter Okelo, the Kenya team leader visited Tanzania last month to meet with mission and church leaders. Pray for good partnerships to come out of the visit. There are many languages in Tanzania that need recordings.

3. Kenya - James Shikuku, is editing the recordings that were done in July. He became sick following his recording trip. This delayed the editing process and the elections in Kenya also impacted the ability to go into the office. Pray for James, as he works on the final editing.

4. Nigeria - Pray for 4 new language researchers making their first trip to investigate 13 unrecorded languages of Berom, Nigeria.

5. Ukraine - Pray for the Christians that have been displaced because of the war. Pray that the Peace of Jesus will reign in this war torn country.

6. Bangladesh - Most of the 3,000 Laleng people of Bangladesh are Hindus. There are no known Christians and no church among them. The GRN team is having difficulty finding a language helper. Ask God to provide the right person.

7. Africa - Socotron is spoken on the island of Socotra, off Africa's coast, an area totally closed to the Gospel. Pray for spiritual breakthroughs and for God-appointed contacts.

8. 5fish Translators needed - Give thanks that the 5fish app is available and can be used in an increasing number of languages. Pray for the needed translators for Gujarati, Kannada, Khmer, Marathi, Punjabi and Urdu languages.

9. Thailand - In May the GRNT team spent one week with the Nyaw believers, during which time they to recorded a Nyaw testimony. Please pray for accuracy to complete the editing of this recording and that God will bless and speak to many Nyaw as they listen to this testimony.

10. Sierra Leone - Andrew Kanu (team leader), and the GRN team in Sierra Leone, have recorded forty-one programs in five languages during the past few years. Two of these were first time recordings. They recorded and released two languages this year. Pray for wise distribution planning and that the messages will reap a rich and eternal spiritual harvest.

11. Bangladesh - Pray for recordists Milton and Maloy as they learn and develop their skills and understanding of GRN ministry and recording. Give thanks that their computers are working and they are able to communicate with others within the GRN network.

12. Canada - Pray for Marian Elliott, as she helps Ruth Horan with checking the paper work that was previously scanned from the older recordings in the US office. Ruth than gives them a final check before adding the information to the GRN data base.

13. Cameroon - There are still 310 unrecorded languages in Cameroon. Pray that new recruits will come forward, and resources made available, to help the team leader Joseph and his team with this huge task.

14. Indonesia - The Ampanang is one of the priority languages targeted by GRN Indonesia. Pray for a recording team to take the Good News to them and for God to use His Gospel to transform lives and reconcile many to Himself.

15. China - There are hundreds of languages and speech varieties in China still without GRN recordings or any other evangelism resource. GRN has no recording team assigned to China at this time. Pray for numerous recording teams to be called by God to work in this field.

16. Philippines - GRN Philippines is concerned for several tribal groups that they worked among in the Northern Luzon province, who have been driven from their ancestral lands. These people are also experiencing a scarcity of drinking water, resulting in poor health conditions. Pray for more recordings to bring the good news of the saving grace of Jesus in their lives, in a language they understand.

17. Nigeria - Over 216 million people live in the West African country of Nigeria. The militant Muslim group, Boko Haram, has taken over the northern part of the nation. Pray for safety for GRN language scouts as they search for hundreds of languages that still need to be recorded.

18. Canada - David Elliott gives thanks to God for 21 years of service with GRN Canada. This year makes 15 years that he has had the privilege to be the Executive Director.

19. Recordist Trainers -Pray for trainers as they prepare their material for the course in Thailand-Jon and Clair, and Kerry from Thailand; Noel and Graham from Australia. Twelve trainees will take part in the training.

20. International Leadership Tea - Pray for Graydon Colville, the International Director, and the members of this team. They will travel to Tucson, Arizona, in October for their annual GRN leadership meetings. Pray for Joseph N, Surendra, Sam B, Christine, Larry D, Philippe, and others who need to prepare reports and presentations, make travel arrangements, and acquire visas.

21. Canada - The Board will met this evening. Pray for guidance as plans are made for the ongoing work of the ministry.

22. Messages for refugees: USA recordists are working to complete a set of special messages of comfort and strength for children. It is directed to those who have experienced trauma in leaving their homeland, with a specific focus right now on one nation at war. Messages will be distributed to children on a player tucked into a stuffed tiger for comfort. Pray about this initiative.

23. Australia - Praise God that a long-planned Recordist Training Course in the Northern Territory of Australia has just been completed. Pray that the recordists will remember the new skills they have learnt, and put them to good use.

24. Thailand - The GRN team is recording the first half of the Good News Script that they have been updating. Their own staff will be the speakers on the recording, to be used for testing the new script. Pray that it will be a good learning experience for them, and an effective tool for getting feedback.

25. Canada - We give thanks to God for Diane Roberts, she faithful comes to the office once a month to work on the QuickBooks financial program. She also submits the monthly payroll for the Canadian staff.

26. International - Ask God to fill our ranks with recording teams willing to go to the Muslim world, the Buddhist world and to the Hindu world. It is time to increase our efforts to make inroads into these seemingly impenetrable religious blocs.

27. Philippines - Give thanks for Hannah, the team's new trainee recordist. Pray for her as she works alongside recordists Mary Ann and Kiko. Pray for many opportunities to make recordings that will be well used by local churches, to make disciples of tribal people in this nation.

28. Mission meeting - The annual North America meeting of Mission leaders will take place over the next two days. David and Marian Elliott will be attending the meetings. Pray that good networking opportunities to share about GRN ministry and the 5fish app will be available.

29. Canada - We gives thanks to three supporters who have gone into the presence of the Lord this year. Each person had included GRN in their wills. This is a blessing to the ministry as more ministry to unreached language groups is made possible by their gifts.

30. Kenya - Pray for Walter and James, that they will have all their needs met. The GRN Australia office has now taken on the basic operating needs of Kenya. The Canadian office is focusing on recording and distribution projects for the Kenya ministry.

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