Boi and Aom Saengthanthip

Boi and Aom Saengthanthip

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Sarun (nickname Boi) Saengthanthip was born in a Christian family in Thailand, of the Hmong people group. He put his trust in Christ as Lord and Savior when he was living in a Christian dorm for students in Chiangmai. The dorm was connected to a church where the current director of GRN Thailand (GRNT), Lot, serves on the leadership team. Boi's university studies led to an undergraduate degree in Business Administration, in the Industrial Management field. After Boi finished his bachelor degree studies, Lot invited him to join GRNT in 2010. While working with GRNT Boi got his Master's degree in Biblical studies from Bangkok Bible Seminary. Boi trained as a recordist and has recorded in several languages. He joins Lot and others in building relationships with villagers and preparing audio materials of the Gospel in various language groups throughout Thailand and in neighboring countries. When ministering in villages, Boi often encourages and shows care for villagers through a prayer and healing ministry we call "Love Touch". He is also a key part of the IT team at GRNT and takes care of the computers and office equipment as well as the office grounds.

Wiyada (nickname Aom) was also born in a Christian family, of the Lawa people group. She put her trust in Christ when she was 18 years old at a Lawa youth camp. She received her bachelor's degree in early childhood education and taught at a private nursery and kindergarten. In 2016, Aom married Boi. She joined GRNT in 2018. One of Aom's duties with GRNT is to contact ministry partners from various people groups to gather their prayer requests for the monthly GRNT prayer calendar. She also checks new MP3 players to make sure they are working well and downloads recordings to put on the players for distribution. Sometimes she travels with team members Kerry and Von on their ministry trips and assists them as they work with various people groups. Aom teaches the children and encourages the women.

Boi and Aom have three young daughters: Khana, Reeya and Rada.

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