The significance of Bible pictures

The significance of Bible pictures

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Dalene Joubert, GRN South Africa, shares her experience with GRN pictures.

In my experience of evaluating and trying pictures in about 10 different countries including some of the Indian Ocean Islands, over a period of 20+ years: if people, especially non-readers, can have pictures in hand, for as long as those pictures last and for as many pictures there are, people will continue to share stories out of the Bible with others - using these pictures. The accompanying audio or script gets memorised and referred to occasionally, but as long as the pictures are there, they have a story to tell. The pictures become the primary source of the discussion, Bible study, prayer meeting, children's group ...

So we can never have enough pictures in this part of the world. Those pictures become the Bible of these non-reading communities. Even when they get the audio Bible in their language, they can still use the pictures with our references at the bottom to make listening to the Scripture portions not just more interesting, but the pictures help them to remember the stories and go share them again with others.

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