Bible Agencies Australia

Bible Agencies Australia

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Together we can...

There is a greater hunger for God's Word globally today than at any time in history. However, over two hundred and fifty million people have no access to Scriptures in any form, while billions more are denied the Word through poverty, illiteracy, restrictions and persecution. Absence of the Word threatens church growth, cripples spiritul maturity and breeds heresy.

But no one organisation has sufficient personnel or resources to meet this huge challenge. So Bible agencies are coming together to develop strategies of closer cooperation.

Each agency has a unique ministry, but in partnership all have a common aim - to give people, both in Australia and overseas, the Word of God in a form they can best understand. By working together we avoid overlapping efforts and unhelpful competition. In some areas, we are pooling resources to strengthen our impact - strength and effectiveness lie in unity.

Our Purpose

  • We cooperate together to serve the Church.

  • We enable people to understand the Bible, to change their lives.

  • We translate, produce in print and non-print media, and distribute, the Word of God in the people's heart language.

Our Strategy

  • Encouraging the vision of Australian churches for the translation, distribution and use of the Word.

  • Training and resourcing Christians in Australia and overseas in translation, literacy, distribution and recording.

  • Addressing the huge need for the Word in non-print media.

  • Making Scripture more readily accessible to minority groups.

Together we can give the Word to the World

For each agency this cooperation is a step of faith. We believe the barriers that hinder the availability and use of the Bible can be overcome.

Bible Agencies Australia is committed to work together to make the Word of God available to everyone on earth, in their own heart language.

Currently the agencies are:

Bible League is a Bible placement and church planter training agency, and underwrites 80% of Scriptures translated by Wycliffe translators.

Bible Society in Australia provides Scriptures that are available, affordable and appropriate.

CWCI conducts weekend and day functions, Know Your Bible study groups (KYB), seminars, dinners, radio programs and speaking tours to outback Australia.

Global Recordings Network Australia produces audio and audio-visual Bible resources in over 6000 languages to reach non-literate and minority people groups.

LifeWords produces Scripture portions on topical themes in thousands of languages.

The Pocket Testament League is involved in worldwide evangelism using the Gospel of John, which includes a free Correspondence Course.

Scripture Union introduces young people to Jesus, the Bible and the Church through missions, camps and Bible reading resources.

Wycliffe Bible Translators recruits and equips Australian Christians for the task of Bible translation around the world.

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