Western Arrarnta Luke Video

The SD card packs of the Arrarnta language
The SD card packs of the Arrarnta language

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Garry Stoll and Noel Bachelor together again for the launch
The ceremonies at Hermannsburg

Western Arrarnta is an Aboriginal language spoken in Central Australia. The translation of the New Testament into Western Arrarnta was completed back in the 1970s!

Eighteen years ago GRN recordist, Noel Bachelor recorded Luke's Gospel in Western Arrarnta with Lutheran missionary, Garry Stoll.

Last year Garry completed the task of scripting Luke's Gospel for the soundtrack of the Luke video in Arrarnta. Noel re-cut and mixed the soundtrack and mastering of the video was completed in June 2016. This is the realisation of a dream shared by various missionaries over many years.

The video was launched in September 2016 in the Aboriginal community of Hermannsburg, near Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

Noel attended this launch, taking with him 300 DVD sets and 50 SD cards containing the video, and also 6 Saber players.

  • Praise God for the endurance of those who worked so hard for many years to finish this project.
  • Pray that God may use these resources to make his name known amongst Western Arrarnta speakers.
  • Pray for wisdom as GRN continues to evaluate similar methods for making recordings more widely available. Many have expressed interest in the way the SD cards are packaged telling the story of Jesus in other languages.

If you would like to be part of bringing the story of Jesus to every language, please check out our Adopt a Language project in our Ongoing Projects area. Or make a donation by clicking here, designating your gift 'Adopt a Language'.

Contact Mark Hughes for further information on adopting a language.

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