Canada Praise and Prayer - August 2022

Nplooj ntawv no yuav tsis muaj nyob rau hauv Hmoob.

1. KENYA - James Shikuku, recorded the Akaramojong language of Uganda last month. Pray that the editing will go well and that it will soon be in the hands of the people.

2. KENYA - Walter Okelo, traveled to Tanzania to meet with mission leaders to further the ministry of recording and distribution. Pray that great ministry opportunities will develop as a result.

3. RECENT COMPLETED RECORDINGS - Give thanks for recordings recently finished in the Philippines, Mexico and a sensitive Asian country. Pray for diligence and perseverance for the recordists to finish the work and make the recordings available to speakers of these languages.

4. KENYA - GRN recordist, James, is researching four languages that the team plans to record this year. Pray that each of these four recordings will touch the hearts of the people and be open to embrace the Gospel messages.

5. THAILAND - Pray for Lot Ganoi as he begins as the new Team Leader. He has successfully completed 2 years of mentoring by the GRNT Board and former GRNT Leader, Jon Rulison.

6. Ukraine - Pray for those directly affected by the war: residents of Ukraine and of Russia, refugees, military personnel and their families, and those engaged in ministering to the suffering and displaced. Pray for God's provision for your needs and the needs of the ministry.

7. MYANMAR - Ask our Lord and Saviour to have mercy on His people and all in this troubled nation. Pray for our friends there to have boldness and courage to bear witness to the Gospel, and for God's presence and provision for them and their families.

8. RECORDISTS - Ask God to provide French-speaking recording team members and bilingual trainers. This will help GRN to boost its recording capacity in Francophone nations.

9. INTERNATIONAL - The rapidly rising cost of living in nearly all countries has greatly affected GRN national missionaries. Please pray for GRN missionaries as they face this ever present challenge.

10. TELLING THE STORY OF JESUS - Pray for more recordings to be made and for more people to listen to our recordings as we tell the story of Jesus in every language. Pray for wisdom and courage for all our field teams.

11. THAILAND - "Please pray for wisdom as we plan for training recording teams in a neighbour-ing country where many Bible Listening Groups gather around MP3 players to listen and discuss what they learn about God from GRN and other recordings."

12. AUSTRALIA - Yousif and Vivian ask for prayer as they prepare to travel to East Africa in early September. Pray for Yousif to complete editing and programming recordings made on Elcho Island early last year.

13. INTERNATIONAL DIRECTOR SEARCH - Pray for the ongoing search for the next International Director. Graydon Colville will be stepping down late 2023 and we hope to have found a suitable person by then.

14. SOUTH-EAST ASIA - "We recently distributed 200 SD cards amongst two different people groups. Please pray that when people hear the good news, the Lord may change their hearts."

15 PAKISTAN - Thank God that GRN Pakistan have been able to complete their mission hall and hold their first mission camp. Pray this building will be greatly used to train and inspire Christians to reach out to minority language groups.

16. CHINA - There are hundreds of languages in China without GRN recordings or any other evangelism resources. GRN has no recording team there. Pray for numerous recording teams to be raised up and reach these language groups.

17. MEXICO - GRN Mexico and GRN USA are working together to record the 100+ unrecorded languages of Mexico within the next few years. Many unreached people groups can be found in the mountains and valleys of southern Mexico, living their lives without knowing God. Pray that good progress will be made.

18. CAMEROON - There are still 310 unrecorded languages in Cameroon. Pray that new recruits will come forward to help Joseph and his team with this task.

19. CHANGES TO CENTRAL DATABASE - Changes are made in our central database on a regular basis to handle new and ever more complex requirements. For example, we recently added the ability to document the extent to which speakers of one language could also use another. Pray for Rob McDonell (Aus), Keith Larson (USA) and others as they work to make the database even more useful.

20. Ukraine - - Pray for an end to the war and for justice to be done. Pray for world leaders and those with the power to influence events. Pray for God's protection for his people (the church) in Ukraine and their ability to minister to others in need. Pray that God would bring good out of the evil of war.

21. THAILAND - Please pray for the MGT outreach in the mountains that they will again be able to take such trips to visit and encourage Christian workers and believers in various locations, after being restricted for many months due to the Covid situation.

22. GONGDUK PEOPLE OF BHUTAN - The Gongduk of Bhutan live in very isolated villages. Violent storms from the Himalayas cause many landslides that add to the isolation of this Buddhist group. Ask God to send workers to these people and that GRN might have the privilege of recording for them.

23. U.S.A. - Pray for new staff to serve at the USA home base in Tucson, AZ. Many departments could use some new helpers, with a vision of how the home base furthers God's work on the field.

24. RECRODISTS TRAINING - Pray for Jon Rulison as he oversees the training of GRN recordists. Pray for wisdom in his Global Ministry Coordination role of Recording Team Training Coordinator for GRN.

25. INDIA - India still has many unrecorded languages. Currently there is no GRN Centre there to coordinate a strategic recording and distribution program. Pray that God in His time, will establish a viable operation to further the proclamation of the Gospel in all of India's languages and speech varieties.

26. SECURITY OF COMPUTER SYSTEMS - Keep praying for the security of our computer systems and data. New risks appear frequently, and the Information Systems Team need to be constantly vigilant in keeping up with what hackers are doing, and what technology is available to thwart them.

27. MANY LANGUAGES YET UNRECORDED - Countries including India, Indonesia, Nigeria and PNG still have many languages yet to be recorded with Gospel content. Pray for current efforts being made to identify and record some of these languages.

28. TUMI TIGER - In Southern Africa they pioneered Tumi Tiger, a soft toy which tells Bible stories to help and comfort traumatized children. Praise the Lord it has been translated and recorded in Ukrainian with the help of a church in the United States.

29. TUMI TIGER - UK - Kenny McKee, from Scotland, has arranged for a translation of the Tumi Tiger script into Russian. Pray this will go well and that we get suitable Russian speakers to record the interactive script.

30. CANADA - GRN has recorded many of the First Nation languages in Canada in the past. Pray that they will be used to further the Good News of Jesus.

31. PHILIPPINES - Pray for Meann Ramos and Hannah Doloso, who are going to Thailand for recordist training in October, hosted by Bibles for Asia. Meann will be a trainer and Hannah a trainee.


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