Uganda in 2019 - The Year of Indigenous Languages

Yousif in a temporary recording booth
Yousif in a temporary recording booth

यह पृष्ठ हिंदी में उपलब्ध नहीं है.

The flipcharts and sabers arrived safely in Uganda

by Christine Platt, CEO Australia

There are 30 churches serving more than 80,000 Sudanese and South Sudanese refugees in two camps near Kampala, Uganda. Yousif (GRN Australia) and Walter (GRN Kenya) visited these camps distributing GRN materials in more than 20 languages. Local contacts assembled the church leaders of each camp. They were trained in the use of GRN materials and each one received one or more sets of GRN flipcharts and Sabers (hand-wind mp3 players) depending on the size of their congregation.

The church leaders were excited to receive both the training and materials.

Please pray that they 2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages would be used well in both evangelism and teaching.

After the training Walter returned to Kenya. Yousif remained, where he completed new recordings in the Acholi and Zande languages.

Since returning home, Walter has received an order for an extra 30 sets of materials and been asked to train another group of church leaders in the use of the materials.

Yousif has heard from several of the church leaders, excited about how useful the materials have been in their ministry.

Daniel wrote: "I am writing to brief you and thank you for how you have made God's word available to nations and tribes in their own local languages. From 27 to 29 June 2019, I facilitated a three day leadership training workshop in Bombo with over 30 participants most of whom were Kakwa, Fajulu, Bari, Moru to mention just a few.
I linked them to the 5fish website and those with memory cards I gave them directly into their phones via Bluetooth, Xender , Shareit and on computer. I was able also to teach them the visual Bible stories. They were very happy, for the target group were semi-literate. Most of them studied in Khartoum while others have never been to school. So using visual Bible stories, it was self explanatory and quick to understand."

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