The New Birth

रुपरेखा: The story of Nicodemus. Illustrates the thought that some people follow religious customs but don't recognize the spiritual basis and the necessasry new birth. Being born spiritually makes it possible to escape the consequences of sin. A new nature is needed in order to live a new life, and the ony way to get it is through being born spiritually into God's family.

भाषा परिवार:091
भाषा:Tok Pisin: PNG
विषय:New Nature; Second Birth; Salvation; Spiritual Life
दर्शक:Animist; Orthodox; Catholic; General; Christian
ढंग:Messages and Fiction
दर्शकों का स्तर:Simple
बाइबिल का प्रमाण:Paraphrase

भाषा का पाठ

Bipo, wanpela de Jisas i lainim ((skulim)) ol manmeri. Em i lainim ((skulim)) ol long tok bilong God. Wanpela man, nem bilong en Nikodimas, em i harim tok bilong Jisas. Nikodimas, em i bikpela man bilong ol manmeri. Na em i bikpela man bilong haus lotu ((misin)) tu. Nikodimas em i tingting olsem: Mi bikpela man, na mi gutpela man tu. Long taim mi dai ating me ken i go long ples bilong God. Nikodimas i laik save ((harim)) mos long ol tok bilong Jisas. Long wanpela nait em i go ludim Jisas. Em it tok long Jisas olsem: Tisa ((Bikpela)) mipela save, God i bin salim yumi yu kam long lainim ((skulim)) mipela. Tasol Jisas i save long ((lukim)) tingting bilong olgeta manmeri. Jisas i save Nikodimas i no stap long lain ((famili)) ((wan pisin))bilong God. Olsem, Jisas i tokim Nikodimas: "Sapos man i no kisim nupela ((gutpela)) tingting, (bilong God) em i no inap i go insait long lain ((famili)) bilong God, ((kamap wan pisin bilong God)) na man olsem em i no inap lukim ples bilong God...." Nikodimas i tingting planti long dispela tok, na em i bekin tok olsem: "Man i lapun i ken kisim nupela ((gutpela)) tingting (bilong God) olsem wanem?" Jisas i tokim Nikodimas olsem: "Spirit bilong God i mas wokim ((givim)) nupela tingting long man, na man olsem bai i kamap lain ((wan pisin, etc.)) bilong God, na olsem, em inap i go insait long ples bilong God. Nikodimas yu no ken tingting planti. Taim ol meri i karim pikinini (ol pikinini i no gat nupela tingting (bilong God), ol pikinini i kamap man nating ((famili)) ((lain)) ((wan pisin)) bilong ples ((graun)) ((man bilong graun)) tasol. Tasol, sapos Spirit bilong God i wokim ((kirapim)) nupela tingting long yumi, bai yumi i kamap long lain ((wanpisin etc.)) bilong God. Manmeri i kisim Spirit bilong God, ol tasol i ken i stap long ples bilong God. Nikodimas, yu askim Spirit bilong God em i ken wokim ((kirapim)) nupela ((gutpela)) tingting long yu. Jisas i bin mekim ol dispela tok long Nikodimas. (PAUSE)

Tude tu, i gat sampela manmeri i olsem Nikodimas. Ol i mekim gutpela pasin. Ol i save bihainim ol tok bilong lotu ((misin)). Tasol, ol i no save long rot ((olsem wanem)) bai ol i ken i go insait long ((kamap)) lain ((famili)) ((wanpisin)) bilong God. Na olsem wanem long yu? Yu save long rot bilong ((olsem wanem bai yu ken)) kamap lain ((wanpisin)) bilong God no nogat? Sapos yumi i harim tok bilong God na bahainim Jisas, em i gutpela. Spirit bilong God bai i givim nupela ((gutpela)) tingting long yumi. Olsem, bai yumi kamap lain ((wanpisin)) bilong God. (PAUSE)

Yu tingting long wanpela pik. Sapos dispela pik i tingting long kamap olsem man, pik i tingting olsem; bai mi sanap na wokabaut long tupela lek. Bai mi kisim save long toktok. Bai mi putim laplap. Bai mi no i go waswas moa long graun i malumalu. Pik i tingting olsem; Tasol, sapos pik i mekim olsem, em inap long kamap man, no nogat? Nogat tru. Bilong (yumi) kamap man i gat wanpela rot tasol, mama i mas karim pikinini. Sampela manmeri i tingting olsem - bai mi bihainim ol pasin bilong lain ((wanpisin)) bilong God. Bai mi go long lotu. Bai mi mekim beten ((toktok)) long God. Bai mi kisim baptais. Tasol, sapos ol i mekim olsem, ol bai i kamap lain ((wanpisin)) bilong God - no nogat? Nogat tru.

Bilong yumi i kamap lain ((wanpisin)) bilong God i gat wanpela rot. Spirit bilong God i mas givim nupela tingting long yumi. (PAUSE)

Nau yu tingting. Olsem wanem Spirit bilong God i ken wokim ((givim)) nupela tingting long yu? Yu harim gut. Yu tingting long ol pasin nogut yu mekin, na yu ken bel hevi long dispela samting. ((Tokim God yu bel hevi long pasin nogut bilong yu.)) Yu mas givim beksait long olgeta pisin nogut bilong yu. Yu askim Jisas long kam insait long tingting bilong yu. Oltaim yu mas bihainim Jisas. Sapos yu mekim olsem, God bai i tekewe ((rausim)) pasin nogut (long tingting) bilong yu. Spirit bilong God bai i wokim ((givim)) nupela ting ting long yu. Em bai i strongim yu long daunim ((sakim)) pasin nogut. Olsem bai yu kamap lain ((wanpisin)) bilong God. Jisas bai i kam long tingting bilong yu na i stap oltaim tru. Jisas i tok olsem:- Mi sanap asuait long dua bilong tingting bilong yu. ((Tingting bilong yu i olsem wanpela liklik haus i gat dua: Na mi sanap ausait long dispela dua.)) Sapos yu opim dua, bai mi kam insait (long tingting bilong yu).

Olsem, yu no ken tok nogat long Jisas. Em i laik helpim yu. Yu askim Jisas tude, bai em i kam long tingting bilong yu.

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