Jaew Sathupan

Jaew Sathupan

דף זה אינו זמין כעת ב-עִברִית.

Jaew handles the financial accounts for GRNT, and also prepares documents and interacts with various government offices for the foundation, including the preparation of annual visa and work permit renewals of GRNT expat staff and volunteers. Occasionally, she joins a GRNT team to visit and encourage villagers. She also serves the Lord faithfully in her local church.

Jaew is from a Buddhist family in Northeast Thailand. She was working and getting an associates degree in accounting in East Thailand when she made friends with a lady who was a Christian. This friend invited her to Chiangmai where Jaew stayed at a local church. Through the love and witness of the church members, Jaew came to know Christ in 1997. She then spent 2 years as a nanny in Singapore where out of necessity she learned a lot of English.

Jaew met Jon and Clair Rulison in 2001. Eventually, they invited her to visit GRNT and offered her work at a time when she didn't have a job. She began working at GRNT in 2004 and is an invaluable part of the GRNT team. While working at GRNT, she earned her undergraduate degree at Bangkok Bible Seminary.

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