Good but Not the Same

Grandes lignes: Dialogue. Religions are good but they are not the same. The Christian religion has a Saviour Who can save people from the fruits of their old sins and actions, if they ask Jesus to forgive them.

Numéro de texte:157
Thème:Reincarnation; Saviour of Sinful Men; Salvation; Faith, trust, believe in Jesus; Bridges; Eternal / everlasting life
Audience:Hindu; Buddhist
Genre:Messages and Fiction
Citation biblique:Minimal

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Corps du texte

(Missionaries hear over and over the expression from the Buddhists of Thailand that "all religions are good and they are all the same." This record is well given to introduce some differences to those who are interested. Opening music is on the Marimba. The Thai have a similar instrument which is played in the temples and at fairs. They should like this type of music in any part of Thailand).

1st.- I see that every religion teaches good, just the same. There isn't any religion anywhere that teaches people to be evil. Or how do you feel about it?

2nd.- That's right. Every religion teaches good, just the same.

1st.- Well, if you see that it is good, just the same, why do you come and urge me to take up the Christian religion? That's really strange.

2nd.- You understand wrong. I have never asked you to take up the Christian religion, but I have asked you to come and receive salvation from sin and your evil acts, and receive eternal life from God.

1st.- That right there is religion.

2nd.- If you call being saved from sin "religion," how can you say that every religion is good? You will have to change your statement to say, "Every religion is good, but not the same."

1st.- How are they not the same?

2nd.- Does your religion have a saviour from sin and wickedness?

1st.- No, it doesn't have. Whoever sins, or is wicked, must receive the fruit of that sin or wickedness according to his deeds.

2nd.- Does your religion have eternal life?

1st.- No, it doesn't. If you are born into heaven when you are free of sin in this world, you still have to be born again and again around and around. Maybe you go to suffer in hell. Or maybe you become an animal. Maybe you become a poor person or crippled or lame, deaf, crazy, deformed. . .

2nd.- This is what I am talking about. The thing that the Christians are telling about these days isn't about which religion is good or which one isn't good, but what we are telling about is being free from the punishment for sin through Jesus Christ. If anyone wishes to be free of the past life, free of his sin, he should come and put his trust and faith in Jesus and receive Him as his Saviour and receive eternal life, not having to go into the punishment of hell and take his stand there. Do you see it, or not, that they are not the same?

1st.- It's true. Before, I just thought about the teachings of a religion, so I wasn't able to see where the teachings were different. But now I know that the Christian religion has a Saviour and has everlasting life. It is not necessary to enter the place of paying for our past actions and sins because God has forgiven us of our sins.

2nd.- Every religion teaches good, but do you just want good teaching or do you want God, Who is able to save you from the fruits of your old sins and acts?

1st.- I want a Saviour from the fruits of my old actions.

2nd.- Just kneel down and ask that Jesus in mercy forgive your sins and receive Him into your heart. Receive Him as your Saviour from this day on. The Bible in the book of Acts says, "He who believes in the Lord is free from all kinds of punishment."

Acts 16:31