Kevin and Ruth Horan

Kevin and Ruth Horan

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Kevin and Ruth work out of the USA office.

Kevin first volunteered with GRN USA back in 2005, working in the IT department, while finishing school. In 2011 Kevin finished his Ph.D. in Computer Science and joined GRN as staff with the plan to one day be full time.

In June 2014 Kevin became Acting IT Director in the USA office. He is responsible for taking care of the servers which provide the email, web site, and audio storage for GRN. Kevin also writes software to help GRN staff be more efficient in their work.

In April 2015 Kevin became full time with GRN.

Ruth first worked in the Australian office for 3 months in 2007. She then returned to her home in Canada to join GRN as full time staff. In 2009 Ruth returned to Australia for a year to work in the Studio department under Noel Bachelor. It was during this time that Ruth learned the ins and outs of studio. Ruth then worked with the Global Studio for a few years from Canada with the long term plan to serve out of the USA office.

Ruth became the USA Studio Manager in 2011 while working remotely from Canada. In 2013 Ruth got her visa and moved to Temecula, California.

As Studio Manager, Ruth is responsible for the processing of new incoming recordings and managing the audio archive.

Kevin, Ruth and Zoey
In 2010 Ruth met Kevin while attending meetings in the US office. They started a long distance relationship over Skype in 2011 and less then a year later they were married. In October 2014 their daughter, Zoey, was born and forever changed their lives.

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