Andrew and Nellie Francis

Andrew and Nellie Francis

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Andrew and Nellie have been dedicated volunteers at GRN Australia for several years in the assembly and warehousing areas.

Andrew joined the staff full time in 2003, and now handles shipping of orders to all over the world.

Nellie came on staff in 2009, and works in production, assembly and packing. One of her major tasks is collating and binding thousands of Good News and LLL flipcharts.

Andrew's testimony

"I was working at Grace Bros Chatswood back in the seventies when they had supermarkets. I was picking up parcels at the end of checkouts, and taking them to a conveyer belt. The person loading the parcels onto the conveyer was a Christian. He was out one day, but left his Bible opened, so I started to read it. I was caught out by him. Thinking I was in trouble, I looked at him, and all he said was to ask if I would like to come to a fellowship meeting on Sunday. I found myself saying yes to him.

"That Sunday he picked me up from my place, and we went to fellowship. I saw the love they had for the Lord, and it was a short time after that I gave my life to the Lord."

Andrew and Nellie are Partner Agency Missionaries with Global Recordings Network and Australian Presbyterian World Mission.

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