Information à propos de Maurice

Region: Afrique
Capital: Port Louis city
Population: 1,300,000
Area (sq km): 2,040
FIPS Country Code: MP
ISO Country Code: MU
GRN Office: GRN Offices in Africa

Map of Maurice

Map of Maurice

Langues et dialectes parlés en Maurice

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Trouvé 4 noms de langues

Chinese, Yue [China, Guangdong] - ISO Language [yue]

Francais: Afrique [Congo, Democratic Republic of] [fra]

Morisyen [Mauritius] - ISO Language [mfe]

Ourdou [India, Jammu and Kashmir] - ISO Language [urd]

Groupes de personnes en Maurice

Arab ▪ Bhojpuri Bihari ▪ British ▪ Chinese, general ▪ Creoles, Mauritian ▪ Deaf ▪ European, general ▪ French ▪ Gujarati ▪ Han Chinese, Hakka ▪ Han Chinese, Mandarin ▪ Hindi ▪ Marathi ▪ Punjabi ▪ South Asian, general ▪ Tamil Hindu ▪ Telugu ▪ Urdu